Argumento[ editar ] La historia comienza con el intento de asesinato de un hombre en la estepa ucraniana. El asesinato es evitado por soldados polacos que se encuentran bajo el mando de Juan Skrzetuski, teniente de coraceros que regresaba de una embajada ante el Kan de Crimea. Juan Zagloba y Bohun. Tras la matanza, los cosacos se dedicaron a emborracharse mientras que Bohun tuvo que retirarse con heridas de sable. Prisionero de los cosacos asiste a las derrotas polacas en la batallas de las Aguas Amarillas y de Korsun y al saqueo de varias ciudades. Juan Skrzetuski, es por fin liberado y al enterarse de la matanza perpetrada en Rozloghi sufre profundamente temiendo lo peor.

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Shelves: historical-fiction This has been accurately described as the "Gone with the Wind" of Eastern Europe.

In my humble opinion, this is the greatest work of Sienkiewicz, surpassing even "Quo Vadis" in breadth and detail. It has the same flavor as "Taras Bulba" by Nikolai Gogol, but with much more depth and richness of story and character. It is a novel that requires and invites This has been accurately described as the "Gone with the Wind" of Eastern Europe. It is a novel that requires and invites re-reading in order to capture its full magnificence.

The characters are strong, memorable and three-dimensional. The places are richly described and historical details are woven into a fine tapestry of a tale.

My Polish in-laws and friends told me years ago that this was one of the best historical novels ever written to describe the events of 17th century Eastern Europe, and why there is still great animosity between some of the Catholic, Orthodox Christian, and Muslim peoples of that region. There are sweeping battles with Polish Knights and Swedish mercenaries against hordes of Cossack and Tatar cavalry. There are great love stories between knights and ladies. There are quests which seem impossible to survive.

This book has everything Tolstoyan in size. It is well worth the time and energy. Your teacher might have made you read the adventures of Wallace or Defoe, but you have likely never heard of Henryk Sienkiewicz. You have been missing out. Published in , With Fire and Sword is a Polish classic that takes place during the 17th century. Fairly accurate historical fiction, it tells the story of the rebellion of Hmyelnitski and You have probably heard of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

Fairly accurate historical fiction, it tells the story of the rebellion of Hmyelnitski and the civil war that developed. Themes of patriotism, selflessness, love, growth, friendship, and courage mingle in the fading embers of a golden age of chivalry and knighthood in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Helen is a strong yet feminine woman, who takes everything with a measure of depth and courage, including kidnapping, near death, and flight. Michal is a flirtatious, tiny knight and a brilliant swordsman.

Pan Longinus is nearly the opposite, an incredibly tall, skinny man whose vow of chastity and long, heavy sword create a memorable character. Surrounded by his peasant, burgher, petty noble and Tartar allies, he is driven nearly to insanity as he watches the forces he has unleashed.

He is a beloved military commander who gives his strength and fortune for his country, only to be set aside repeatedly by greedy politicians. It cannot be discerned in a chapter or with an event.

There may be a climax, but that is not where the heart of the tale is found. The books is not about one lord or another. It is about Poland. Whether loyal or disloyal, protagonist or antagonist, every character you meet in this story breathes the life of a nation. Its essence is that of a country and its beauty is that of a people. There are no words to describe this book.

Epic might come close. The adventure, action, characters, and plot all create a masterful story that few can second. I absolutely loved it. The characters are unforgettable, the plot amazing, and the love of country genuine.

Though the writing does have a tendency to get heavy, and the numerous name and nick-names of the many characters confusing, it is an absolute must-read. Like most good books, the author is almost as unique as his work. Henryk Sienkiewicz was born into a family of impoverished Polish nobles and during his lifetime was a tutor, lawyer, journalist and popular novelist. He wrote a ton and won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature!

Do not be intimidated! Action packed and intricate, it is well worth the read. Few can compare.


Con sangre y fuego



A sangre y fuego (trilogĂ­a polaca)



A sangre y fuego




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