Page 3: Introduction Congratulations.. This guide contains operating information for your Page 5 Keys Set Indicator Flashes when the telephone rings, or when a call is on hold; lights Light up when a message is waiting. See Set indicator light on page 9 for more information. Keys Ends an active call. Page 6: Basic Installation Basic Installation 1.

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Kirr Foot stand Button 3. There is no mute button on the new telephone. Used to insert a pause when storing a telephone More information. Resources Datasheet User Guide more downloads. The Venture is a fully customizable. To place a call using a headset, press the Headset button and dial More information.

Aastra — corded phone Series Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Without lifting the handset, press Mute and make a call. Turn off the microphone by pressing the Mute key again. The display provides additional information such as the telephone number calling and the building and room More information. Write your review here: This allows you to talk not only hands free, but wire free aasyra remote call answering with optional headset and accessories.

Aastra has video conferencing solutions to meet your needs. The microphone is highly sensitive and if place wastra hand over the mouthpiece.

When using an Electra Professional More information. Handset If you are using a headset or if you. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Internal Hit messages Envelope button or dial To place a , choose one More information.

The light next to the key will flash to indicate the mute is on. Copyright Lucent Technologies Inc. Display Features The display on your phone is interactive. Overview of Cisco IP Phone 2. Aastfa can also connect a wired or wireless headset through the handset port. Press the Mute key 2. Please print this guide and keep it handy! Programmable Button Indicators 3. You can hear your caller but your caller cannot hear you. Your system may also be programmed with System Speed More information.

Press the Redial key. Handset If you are using a headset or if you More information. Viper SmartKey unlocks cars with hands-free ease, but requires alarm.

Call Appearance Keys allow the user to handle multiple calls and the display shows call information. Aastra Mobility gives you the freedom to move. If this happens, any background noise from your area will be heard by the caller and the person at the other extension.

To dial a System Speed Dial number: Quick reference guide 4-Line small business system with speakerphone This quick reference provides basic instructions For additional installation options and complete instructions that enable. The features are listed in alphabetical order. The 8 buttons above the display More information. Model A Mitel — corded phone nmc.

About Your Telephone Your B is a multi-appearance digital telephone. Ringing indicates an incoming call is arriving on this line. When the call is over, press the red disconnect phone key to the right above Switch to a Handsfree call from On the Handset 1. TOP Related Posts.


Aastra 9110 User Manual



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Aastra 9110


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