View resources Enquire about this product The T3 Tag is the most advanced Wi-Fi Tag on the market; a small, battery-powered wireless device for accurately locating and tracking any asset or person. The T3 Tag combines a streamlined, flat form factor with long battery life, advanced functionality and high flexibility, resulting in the most advanced tag available for all asset and people tracking needs, delivering cost savings, improved business processes, enhanced safety, and heightened operational efficiency. Flat, compact form factor 2 call buttons for status and alert reporting Advanced tamper-proofing mechanism Long battery life Small, convenient size The low-profile credit card-sized tag can be placed on nearly any asset without interfering with normal operations. The unobtrusive form factor easily attaches to a variety of equipment and is ideal for use with people. Tamper-proofing The T3 tag includes an advanced tamper-proofing mechanism for security and theft prevention, triggering an immediate alert if it is removed or tampered with in any way. Call button messaging and LED indicators The T3 tag includes two fully configurable call buttons, enabling advanced functionality such as emergency reporting, parts replenishment, or triggering alarms based on the press of a button.

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View resources Enquire about this product The T5 range of sensor tags add condition monitoring capabilities to the market-leading AeroScout solutions provided by Extronics. Leverage the Wi-Fi infrastructure to accurately monitor voltage, temperature, and humidity to improve operations, quality, and regulatory compliance.

You can also monitor any normally closed NC or normally open NO contacts, like doors, windows, motion sensors, or smoke and flood detectors. Wi-Fi based solutions for condition monitoring: temperature, humidity, and voltage Wirelessly collect, record, and analyse condition and status information Keep accurate auditing records, avoid wastage, and increase efficiency Use the MobileView software to set automatic alerts to trigger when battery or voltage levels, or environmental conditions reach a preconfigured threshold level — then alert staff via email, pager, smartphone alert, or text messages.

Condition monitoring with automatic reporting and alerts increases worker productivity, improves business processes, and ensures regulatory compliance. Which T5 tag is right for my application? All T5a tags use active RFID technology and Wi-Fi networks to relay information back to the MobileView software, but they include different sensors to monitor particular conditions.

T5b and T5c Temperature Tags — The T5b and T5c tags also measure temperature, but with an external temperature sensing probe. The difference between the two types of tags are in the temperature range and the length of the external probe. T5h Humidity Tag — The T5h tag looks similar to the T5a tag, but has an internal humidity sensor as well as a temperature sensor.

T5m-v Multi Sensor Tag — The T5m-v tag has three onboard sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and voltage. It is also the only T5 tag that can be externally powered. The tags can be configured to provide constant condition readings and send them periodically. Contact sensing The T5cs can identify any change to the normal state of any standard NC or NO contacts, including window or door magnetic contact sensors, motion sensors, or smoke and flood detectors.

Offline condition monitoring T5 tags can record the last eight temperature readings and deliver them to MobileView at pre-defined intervals, preventing data loss in case of an outage. Tag Management The tags can be configured, programmed and activated via a wireless interface. Flexible mounting and usage options The tags are small and lightweight, and can be mounted in a variety of ways.

Depending on the tag variants chosen, a range of mounting accessories is available to make this easy for you; please refer to the datasheet for your chosen tag model. Standard Wi-Fi networks The tag data is received and processed via standard Wi-Fi access points, keeping infrastructure costs low and installation simple.

Long battery life T5 tags have replaceable batteries that can provide up to either 4 or 8 years of battery life, depending on the tag model and configuration. The tags report their battery level, so timely replacements can be made with minimum downtime. Rugged performance T5 tags are designed to work in harsh industrial environments and weather conditions.

They are water-resistant and can withstand significant physical shocks. Use cases Temperature use case: Refrigerated storage T5 tags can be used inside a refrigerator to ensure that valuable components are stored within specified temperature range.

MobileView stores a full audit trail of the temperatures recorded by the T5 tags, which can be used to show compliance with regulatory bodies such as the FAA. The T5 tags record the temperature at regular, scheduled intervals. Malfunctioning equipment can be identified early, before any assets are spoiled, and so reduce wastage.

Additionally, this automated process is more streamlined than manually recording temperatures, freeing up man hours for other critical work and improving effiency. Humidity use case: Vehicle logistics T5 tags can be used to avoid spoilage of perishable items by ensuring that workers are alerted if the humidity exceeds a predetermined range. This provides an early warning system of potential shortages, minimises waste, and ensures that your assets are available and useable when you need them.

Voltage use case: Vehicle logistics T5m-v Tags address the needs of long-term storage of emergency and mission-critical vehicles in a variety of industries, such as defence and public safety.


WLC Configuration for AeroScout RFID Tags



The Future of Industrial Real-Time Location




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