Etymology and nomenclature[ edit ] Sage Agastya in seated posture The etymological origin of Agastya has several theories. One theory states that the root is Aj or Anj, which connotes "brighten, effulgent one" and links Agastya to "one who brightens" in darkness, and Agastya is traditionally the Indian name for Canopus , the second most brilliantly shining star found in South Asian skies, next to Sirius. These hymns do not provide his biography. His miraculous rebirth follows a yajna being done by gods Varuna and Mitra, where the celestial apsara Urvashi appears. Their semen falls into a mud pitcher, which is the womb in which the fetus of Agastya grows.

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Plot[ edit ] The story is about Agathiyar Muni, who is considered to be the embodiment of one of celestial intellectuals who descended on earth to enlighten human beings. During the wedding of Shiva and Goddess Parvati , the earth tilted to the northern side, as the whole world was witnessing the marriage.

Shiva gave the responsibility of balancing the earth to Agathiyar by going to the southern side. Agathiyar is also given the additional responsibility of spreading goodness and equality.

He has the additional task of spreading the Tamil language. Many small stories between heaven and earth are interwoven in the movie.

The stories teach one to lead a simple existence without ego. It also shows how Agathiyar in this journey destroyed the ego of River Kaveri , Vindhya Mount and Ravana , thereby teaching them the greatness of humility.

Agathiyar travels southwards, while there, River Ponni talks to Agathiyar egotistically and argues with him. Finally, Agathiyar loses his temper and traps river Ponni in his Kamandalam, and sat down to meditate. Lord Vinayagar Lord Ganesha in the form of a crow, pushes Agathiyar Kamandalam down, thus rescuing and leading the river into its formation. One time Mount Vidhayan was continually growing in size due to taunting comments by Sage Narathar Narada.

So as to temper the vanity of the mountains, Sage Agathiyar travelled to the southern side via mount Vindhyan. On their way when Vindhyan saw Agathiyar, he bowed with respect and reverence, upon which sage Agathiyar jokingly asked if he would stay bowed and subdued with respect till the sage returned. Mount Vindhyan was truly benevolent and promised to not grow until the sage returns from the south. However, after passing through the mount, the sage will not require again to cross over to the northern side of Mount Vindhyan.

Narathar was speaking proudly to others. He is most reverent to Vishnu Lord Narayana because he always thinks and chants about only Vishnu. Agathiyar tells Narathar to watch one day for a potter. Narathar also does that and tells Agathiyar that the potter man chants about "Narayana" twice daily. Agathiyar gives a rule asking Narathar to not spill one drop of oil while going around the world, and Narada does the job perfectly.

Agathiyar explains to Narathar, that he has one smallest burden, but even while doing that you forgot to chant your name. But that man has much troubles in his family and many burdens. Ravana was in a Yazh competition with Agathiyar Muni, because of taunting comments by the Narathar Muni.

Ravana called Goddess Saraswati , but Saraswati told them, we both her eyes. So, she leaves them. Then only Ravan select for "Ponmalai" because stones only not melting to anything. Unfortunately, Ravana loses the competition and then Agathiyar was given new name to "ponmalai", it named by Pothigai Malai meaning it was give judgement for constant or the judgement is impartial. It is said that two demon brothers Ilavala and Vathapi used to kill Brahmins as a revenge in a simple manner.

The two had special powers, they came up with a plan to take revenge on Brahmins. He would invite any passers-by, especially Brahmins for a grand feast at his home. After they eat the mango, Ilavala would call his brother out: "Vathapi" , his brother would respond from the belly of the visitor and come out alive in one piece. In the process the guest would be killed.

The two demons later would enjoy a curry made of human flesh. One day, Agathiyar happened to pass by, the plan as usual, Vatapi changed into a ripe mango and the other disguised himself as brahmachari Sage of Bachelor who invited Agathiyar to eat at the home.

Agathiyar knew about the plan due to his immense Vedic Power, he resolves to teach both a lesson. After the meal, Agathiyar simply rubbed his stomach saying "Vathapi Jeerano bhave" may Vathapi be digested, while other demon tries to bring his brother life, but in vain.

Agathiyar plainly informed the demon that his brother has been digested and could no longer be brought back to life, bringing their treachery to an end.


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