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No parts of this publication may bo reproduced, stored in retrieval system, of cans, electronic, mechahical, photocopying, secording, ot 0 herwise, without the prior writen pertnission of the author anJ the publisher By the Same Author 1, A Course in Electrical Machine Design. Chander Sawhney Price. However, the typographical and bfher errors, which had crept in earlier edition, have been corrected.

The book is intended as a standard text for students studying for their first degree Electrical, Electronics and Tnstrumentation Engine at Indian Universities and abroad, and tise for those appearing for A.

This has been necessitated on account of latest technological advances which put greater emphasis and reliance on Electronic Instrumentation. There is an extensive coverage of Flectrical and Electronic Instrumentation in this edition of the book as compared with the earlier ones. The coverage of Instrumentation portion is about pages out of a total of nearly pages.

The subject of Instrumentation has been developed in logical steps. There is an increased. The significant additions to the measurements portion are Transformer ratio bridges which fre fast replacing the conventional four arm a. The book though voluminous, covers two papers, i.

SI units have been uniformly used in the book throughout. Indirect Methods. Electrical Instruments. Blectronic Instruments, Classification of Instruments. Analog and Digital, Modes of Operation. Applications of Measurement Systems. Static Calibration. Static Characteristics. Errors in Measurements, True Value. Error Calibration Curve.

Reproducibility and Drift. Noise, Accuracy and Precision. Indications of Precision. Significant Figures. Loading Effects. Loading Effects due to Shunt connected Instruments. Loading Effects due to Series connec- ted Instruments. Impedance Matching and Maximum Power Transfer. Dynamic Response Measuring Lag.

Types of Errors, Gross Errors. Systematic Errors. Instrumental Errors. Bnviron- mental Errors. Observational Errors. Random Residual Errors, Central Value. Statistical Treatment of Data. Arithmetic Mean. Measure of Dispersion from the Mean. Average Devi- ation. Normal or Gaussian Curve of Fstors. Precision Index. Probable Error. Probable Error of a Finite Number of Readings. Standard Deviation of Mean. Standard Deviation of Standard Deviation.

Specifying ODDS. Probable Error of Combination of Components. Unsolved Probems. Absolute Units, Fundamental and Derived Units.

Dimensions of Mechanical Quantities. Historical Background of System of Units. Dimensional Equations, Dimensions in Electrostatic System. System Giorgi System , Rationalised M. SI Units. Base Units of SI. Supplementary Units. Primary Standards. Working Standards. Standards for Mass and Length. Luminots Intensity Standards, Electrical "Standards. Emf Standards : Primary Standard of Emf.

Current Standards. Inc uctance Standards, Capacitance Standards. Unsolved Problems. Annealing, Resistance Standards. Resistance Standards for. Low Resistance Standards. Circuits Frequency Errors of Resistors. Thin Film Resistors. Composition Resistors Shielded Resistors. Fosmers for Inductance, Coils.

Coils of Induc- fance Coils. Standards of Mutual Inductance. Inductors for Low Frequency Work. Frequency Errors in Inductors. Distributed Capacitance. Capacitance Standards.

Vacuum and Gas-filled Capacitors. Solid Dielectric Capacitors Variable Capacitors. Decade Capacitance Boxes. Frequency Errors in Capacitors. Unsolyed Problems. Principles of Operation. Constructional Details. Control Systems. Damping Torque of a Metal Dise. Permanent Magnets, Pointers and Scales. Dynamic Behaviour of Galvanometers. Equation of Motion. Underdamped Motion of a Galvanometer. Critically Damped Motion of a Galvanometer.

Over- Lf iti shoot, Overdamped Motion of Galvanometer. Galvanometer Galvanometer Shunts. Ayrton Universal Shunt.

Ballistic Galvanometer. Calibration of a Ballistic Galvanometer, Flux Meter. Use of Shunt with Fluuneter Vibration Galvanometers. Power Loss.


[PDF] A Course in Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation By A.K. Sawhney Book Free Download

Refresh and try again. Sowjanya Nanduri rated it really liked it Nov 20, meaasurement Their choice of subjects has been the core driving factor of its publishing program. One of the best books in this subject. Khaled rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Flipkart service is great. I found the book fine and quite elaborate not the best choice elecyronics a good choice to begin with. And I love the MCQs at the end of each chapter. Really helpful to review your concepts.


A Course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation By AK Sawhney


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