Learn how and when to remove this template message Earlier at Nadwa, he had wanted to establish Darul Musannifin or the House of Writers but he could not do this at that time. He bequeathed his bungalow and mango orchard and motivated the members of his clan and relatives to do the same and had succeeded. He wrote letters to his disciples and other eminent persons and sought their co-operation. Eventually one of his disciples, Syed Sulaiman Nadvi fulfilled his dream and established Darul Musannifin at Azamgarh.

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The rider messenger was expecting a huge castle, a line of knights and a very expensive dress. He ride on all roads of Madina but there was no such thing like a castle. Confused, he asked the people where is your king? The people said, he is not a king he is our Khalifa, he wear what we wear, he eat what we eat and even for a moment if he may start to think that he is our king, its his own orders to kill him.

Umer Al Farooq, greatest conquer of the world was sleeping without any security in the desert under a date tree using a stone as a couch. The rider said, our rulers cannot sleep even in their castle without massive security that can protect them from there own people.

The only possible reason Umer R. A can sleep fearlessly is that he is just. A very well written book about the greatest ruler of the world, a sound politician, a military genius, and above all, the beloved companion of holy prophet. The book tell us that what should be the system of the government and what should be the acts a ruler must adopt.

This book spread some light on the golden history of the world when the first welfare state of the world was formed and successfully operated for more than 20 years.


Shibli Nomani



Al Farooq Urdu By Allama Shibli Nomani Pdf


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