Delair D. Allan Derek S. Bernard Delair are two British scientists who authored Cataclysm: Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change, 9, BC[ ], which discusses a global catastrophe that affected the planet during the 10th millennium BC. They have built upon and refined the catastrophist theories of Velikovsky [ ][ ]. Drawing on the details of worldwide myths and recent scientific research they have developed a plausible argument for believing that the Earth was violently impacted upon by an extraterrestrial event over eleven thousand years ago. The Earth did not escape and the destruction visited on our world is the sobering subject of this book.

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I just started to read this book because it was recommended by Laura on a number of occasions including in her book Apocalypse in which she writes: [ It was, after all, a time when large parts of Europe were still in the grip of an Ice Age. The case they make for a Golden Age world prior to the Deluge is compelling and quite unique. Wielding hard data from literally every field of science, they demonstrate that hundreds of thousands of years of ice ages may be a myth created to explain many anomalous findings on earth that uniformitarian science had no other way to explain.

This data strongly suggests a completely different planet prior to a worldwide cataclysm that they say occurred in BC, but the latest research puts the most recent major event back at least another thousand years. They propose that the Phaeton Disaster included the destruction of this Fifth Planet and the celestial calamity — which affected the entire solar system — left debris everywhere.

Here, again, they posit that this occurred at the same time as the Deluge we have related to the destruction of Atlantis, 13, years ago, though they suggest a different date. I think that there there may be some conflation of a number of separate events here. As noted, Spedicato proposes an event that initiated an Ice Age and another event that ended it. Of course, this again includes numerous events going back much further than 9, BC.

Click to expand So far what they say is quite compelling in that regard. A: Where do you think? A: Yes, but many other places too. Remember, the sea level was several hundred feet lower then Q: Why was the sea level several hundred feet lower? Because there was ice somewhere or because there was not as much water on the earth at that time?

A: Ice. Q: Was the ice piled up at the poles? The ice sheet of the ice age? A: Yes. Q: So, Atlantis existed during the ice age? A: Largely, yes. Q: Well, how could that be? What caused these glaciers? A: Global warming. Q: How does global warming cause glaciers?

A: Increases precipitation dramatically. Then moves the belt of great precipitation much farther north. This causes rapid buildup of ice sheets, followed by increasingly rapid and intense glacial rebound.

Q: L In that sense A Okay, this brings us to the question about the Piri Reis map. We wanted to know the origin of this map? A: Complex, but the origin would date back to 14, B. Q: A Atlantis? Q: L Why was it not covered by ice? A Because the climate was warmer. A: Technologically achieved. Q: L Why would somebody want to technologically warm Antarctica if the whole rest of the planet was available for use?

What is so special about Antarctica? A: The whole rest of the planet was available for use? Not hardly. Q: L Why was the rest of the planet not available for use? A: No. Q: L There is something I am missing here.

A Much of the planet was covered by ice, but not all. A: What?!? Q: L What I am getting at is: why go to all the trouble to thaw out a whole big island if it might have been easier to have been somewhere else? A: Magnetic power grid physics. EM utilization. Crystals, and the like.

Seeking paths to the interior? A lot to discover.


Allan & Delair

Daishakar It is monumental work, which no enlightened library of the coming paradigm shift will be without. Prior to his retirement, he was Director of Research and Development for a firm that did business all over the world. Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in B. Delair Limited preview — People think the solar system looks very much today as it has for millions of years. Published November 14, Allan and Delair, having more evidence to dlair and better diagnostic tools to use, propose an even more spectacular disruption. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! The University of Sheffield have now produced a set of maps showing the shrinkage of the last glacial ice sheet that covered most of the British Isles at the end of the last Ice Age d.

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Cataclysm! by D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair




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