Night Star Everlasting is the sixth and final book of the captivating Immortals series by Alyson Noel. It was released July 7, Their beautiful love story has captured the hearts of millions of this world and the last book will capture our hearts again. But after a few days, Ever becomes incredibly curious of the darker, much gloomier side of summerland, a place where magic does not exist. There she finds a lady named Lotus, who keep on calling her as Adelina, the cure. Ever is desperately wanting to find more about the poem Lotus is singing, but Damen clearly refuses.

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Start your review of Everlasting The Immortals, 6 Write a review Shelves: the-worst-i-d-ever-read , mediocre-writing , i-can-hear-the-porno-music , abusive-relationships , bored-me-to-death , where-s-the-fucking-conflict , mary-sues , immortality , why-the-hell-is-this-book-popular , that-s-why-i-hate-boys AHHHHHHH.

After finally getting this book and finishing it, my mind was souring with happiness and actually told me: Thank you. Now you can move on and stop wasting my neurons! I think this was more boring than Night Star! Look at the book covers! Too bad the stories are not! Okay, I admit, it has a good premise: Two immortals fighting for their love for centuries!

It sounded promising. It had to be so poorly done. I mean, it has been the same plot since Blue Moon. Damen and Ever are still finding an antidote to their chaste. Is that even a plot?!

Okay, they had enemies, but so what? At least those enemies were well-made unlike this books! Where was I? Oh, yeah! This book. Ever and Damen finally got rid of their awful enemies. A loony old woman who does riddles tells Ever and Damen that they have to do a task first. She calls her Adelina, which is weird because, who the hell is she? Adelina was the secret past of Ever. Was it really necessary? You mad about the spoilers?

Moving on. The first task is to free their enemies souls. As if! But incredible as it is, it was possible. Chapter 24 was the cheesiest chapter I have ever read!

I can still smell the rainbows. The immortality of the soul. Not physical, spiritual. Of course, Damen big surprise , refuses because he likes his immortality just fine. Thanks for showing your true colors, Damen! You finally had the change to have the fucking of your life and you wasted it away!! She makes up with everybody: To Jude, Honor, even Sabine, which she finally tells her her eternity secret. And for last. But Ever refuses. Then, Damen does the whining version of solving their problems which he had done already : Stop talking to her.

How charming. A party later, the Loony introduces the immortal army of Roman to get a taste of the Fruit. Ever comes back for a reconciliation with Damen. And finally, they book a hotel room and. Wait for it. They have sex. Impressive, huh? The moment was describe as magical, but this is how it goes in my head: "Ever, you want some of this?

My body is ready. Things are getting hot!!


The Immortals Series

Everlasting The Immortals 6 74 Alyson Noel Six months of neglected work that needs to be completed in just fourteen days in order to wear the cap and gown along with the rest of my classmates. With great emphasis on the if. Mind reading I can control, all I have to do is lower my psychic shield or use my quantum remote, but tapping into the universal consciousness of just intuiting things is something I have no control over. So, instead of fighting it, I decide to use it to my advantage to get through a pile of reading assignments that would be pretty much impossible without it. Though, I admit, when it comes to the makeup tests, well, yeah, all the right answers just automatically appear. Not to mention how I always assumed that wherever I ended up, Damen would be right there beside me. I never once considered I might end up going it alone.




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