Feel free to skip to the parts most relevant to you. Summary There is a young girl called Beauty. He father is on the way home from a trip to see lawyers because his fortune has gone. He takes it and hears and tremendous roar come from within the house.

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Summary Analysis Beauty, the heroine of this story, waits at home for her father to return. There is a snowstorm going on outside, and she fears for his safety. He promised to be home by nightfall but it is now dark out.

Active Themes The father abandons his car and goes to look for help. He comes to the gate of a beautiful mansion, and he hears the roaring of an animal somewhere far away. Before he can knock, the door swings open by itself, and the father sees a huge, empty hall luxuriously decorated.

A little spaniel dog with a diamond collar greets him and shows him into a study, where there is a fire in the fireplace and some whiskey and sandwiches. Active Themes Still no one appears except the dog, but the father assumes that this strange hospitality is just the eccentricity of a very rich man. In the same room he finds a phone and a number for a rescue service, and the employee tells him that his host will pay the bill as is his custom.

Active Themes As he walks out of the house to the gate, the father sees some snow fall from a rosebush and reveal a single perfect white rose. Where the Marquis seemed to have a lily-like mask for a face, the Beast actually takes on the appearance of a lion. Download it! The father agrees. Part of the sacrificial aspect of virginity in this book involves the poor heroines giving themselves up to save their families from poverty or punishment.

Beauty is a white rose now, but she is in danger of the corruption the heroine of the last story experienced. After dinner the Beast suggests that Beauty remain with him and her father resume his legal battles.

This motif of the sacrificial lamb becomes almost literal, as the Beast is a lion, a hunter of herbivores. Beauty also has a good relationship with her father, as she is willing to sacrifice herself for his well-being. The Beast has a terrifying outward appearance, but a lonely and sympathetic soul — the opposite of the handsome, monstrous Marquis. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations The next morning her father leaves, and Beauty moves into an opulent bedroom.

She lives in comfort but has only the spaniel for company, as she never sees the Beast except in his study after dinner. There they sit and talk together.

At first Beauty is afraid of him, but soon she grows comfortable and they spend hours talking. Just before they are about to separate and go to bed, the Beast flings himself at Beauty and kisses licks her hands. They begin to connect but are from different worlds — he a lion and she a human. Active Themes The next day Beauty hears roaring in the hills and wonders if the Beast is hunting.

She soon gets into a routine of whiling away the hours in comfort and silence and then talking with the Beast every night, and every night he kisses her hands just before they part. One day Beauty gets a phone call from her father, asking her to come to London, as he has regained his fortune. The Beast appears distressed and asks Beauty to return to him soon. Beauty promises to come back before winter ends. She takes a taxi off to London. Beauty and the Beast begin to connect and fall in love, but their differences require a metamorphosis of some kind.

The magical aspects of this are pulled straight from the fairy tale, but Carter also brings out their other qualities. She associates the act of love in the female body — menstruating and losing virginity — with a kind of magical transformation, one that brings both pain and enlightenment. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Beauty and her father live extravagantly in London, and though they talk often of the Beast his home starts to seem like a magical place in another life.

One night she comes back from the theatre late and looks at herself in the mirror, admiring her own prettiness. Beauty has much more agency in this story, as the Beast does not abuse his power over her and is in fact more lovestruck than she is.

Active Themes Suddenly Beauty hears the sound of claws at the door and realizes that winter is over and she has broken her promise to the Beast.

She opens the door and the spaniel enters, looking dirty and underfed. Beauty immediately takes a train out of London, fearing the Beast is dying. She reaches his estate and sees everything in decay and disrepair. The house is dark and full of mold and cobwebs.

Carter brings back the image of rotted and decaying opulence as much as she does that of extreme wealth. Though the Beast initially had all the power in the relationship, he has given it up out of love, sacrificing himself like a lamb instead of a lion. He is lying on the bed, looking small and ill.

He tells Beauty he is dying, as he has lost the will to hunt and eat after she left him, but he will die happily now that she is there. The metamorphoses Carter describes often have physical, mental, and sexual qualities. The Beast has become less lion-like in his inability to hunt and kill, and also in his love of Beauty, so he is ready to be transformed from Beast to man. Cosby, Matt. Retrieved March 10, Copy to Clipboard.


The Courtship of Mr Lyon

Story Summary: The story begins with the scene of a young woman in her kitchen, wondering where her father is. This is further reinforced by Beauty being surrounded by snow; implying innocence and purity via pathetic fallacy. The audience soon find out, however, this does not represent her character. The fact that throughout this phase of the book, lion imagery is consistent acts possibly to create a sense of dramatic irony when the identity of his host is reveiled. As he leaves, the man tries to steal a rose for Beauty, as this is, "all she wanted. Beauty is upset at this, but does so because it will help her father, and she "loves him dearly".


The Courtship Of Mr Lyon By Angela Carter Analysis and Summary

Reference List The Courtship of Mr. Lyon Likewise in the twenty-first century the tale of The Courtship of Mr. Beauty and the Beast grow relatively close and become very fond of one another, engaging in conversation, dining together and the Beast treats her to all the finery he believes the young lady deserves. Embarrassed the Beast runs on all four legs and leaves Beauty. Soon news came from London that her father had been restored of all of his finances and he calls on her to visit him. You will come back to me?

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