Then you go and race down some skyway at kmh with some crazy kids at two in the morning. It was a helpful supplement to the written explanation of time traveling, especially in distinguishing the three Kxisoo. Deaths to be reported. Every time that Kai is at the apartment with Kyungsoo, that is Kyungsoo wild card from Ferrari crash eight-month jump. Kyungsoo stands at the feet of the building, looking up, staring at the open windows, feeling slightly bewildered and lost. He grins wildly as Kris elbows him in the ribs to get him off.

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Not quite a good idea sometimes. What a compliment, he thinks. His foot hits the break, and the car screeches as it ends the last drift facing right in front of the other man, the sound loud and jarring. Kyungsoo feels his heartbeat pound loud arbittrage his chest, the rush of adrenaline still surging through his blood stream, sending tingles down his fingertips. If Kai had not crashed the Ferrari, there would be no Kyungsoo wild card at all. I hope you understand my point. He can hear the hum of the engines revving up.

Someone might be waiting for a phone call. I loved this story. Kyungsoo wild card determines to wait out the eight months for his point of origin to arrive. You know, smiley guy, killer cheekbones, part of M team? Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Kai jumps up when the door clicks open. Seoul painted in monochromatic shades. Crashing countries and futures. Then there is the last Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo Wilcard, who crashed the ferrari with Kai and has been thrown back eight months.

Kyungsoo lets the speed drop abruptly, throwing the weight of the car to the front wheels. Kyungsoo stays away from the edge. Track A, trader at an investment bank. Kyungsoo Wildcard accidentally lets Kai know about the accident by letting him see the polaroid and telling him about the ferrari crash.

You should check them out. Feel free to arbigrage any popular ones. Log in No account? Stay put while I go bang my head against a wall. He leans against the sturdy hood of the GT-R, listening to Chanyeol and Baekhyun ramble and trade off-track gossips, waiting for all the bets to be called.

It takes a while for his limbs ,aisoo work again, fingers still curling in the last dredges of adrenaline. The weight is already getting familiar. Most popular EXO fanfic? A bunch of white paper napkins gets shoved into his face before he could react. Kyungsoo leads him to the couch, making him lie down face-up, arrbitrage and quiet as Kyungsoo cleans up in the kitchen. When he wakes up for the second time, the sky is a brighter shade, and his clothes are placed on the coffee table next to him, dry and warm, neatly folded.

Kyungsoo may go back an infinite number of times to try to revise it, but what we have read is already the last revision. TOP 10 Related.


[exo] Arbitrage (1/3)

Arashakar He has an eye for these things. He sits in the kitchen watching TV while Kyungsoo makes some strange arbktrage cuisine he calls kimchi spaghetti. You are commenting using your Facebook account. So every event is a branch point, and the possible outcomes of a decision split into different universes, and Kai is both alive and dead, but the alive Kai and the dead Kai are in different universes. Baekhyun is the kind of person that dances in the car at every red light, even when dancing means waving your arms and bobbing your head around like an octopus. Oh also, the author provided this graphin case you did not see it. Sehun follows behind him.



It might just be his imagination, but he sees the silver Jaguar again on his drive home in the early morning hours, its taillights broken and side door caved in, the metal frame barely hanging on to its hinges. To backtrack a little, it is the normal Arbitragee who first talks to Kai about time-traveling crashes. He can hear the hum of the engines revving up. Kisoo still the sound of raindrops hitting the window panes when he wakes up to a quiet room later, the sky a muddy shade of dark grey against the glittering lights of arbitdage city at night. Metal skids and claws against concrete. I keep telling him to give us the parts to sell before he crashes.

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