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The former was the favorite opinion of the mystical interpreters to the end of the 18th century; the latter has obtained since its introduction by Good The queen, having been subdued by deceit, gives Solomon a pillar on which all earthly science is inscribed. Solomon sends one of his demons to fetch the pillar from Ethiopia, whence it instantly arrives.

In a Coptic poem, queen Yesaba of Cush asks riddles of Solomon. In those times, King Solomon sought merchants from all over the world, in order to buy materials for the building of the Temple. Among them was Tamrin, great merchant of Queen Makeda of Ethiopia. She was warmly welcomed, given a palace for dwelling, and received great gifts every day. Solomon and Makeda spoke with great wisdom, and instructed by him, she converted to Judaism. Makeda stayed in the palace overnight, after Solomon had sworn that he would not do her any harm, while she swore in return that she would not steal from him.

As the meals had been spicy, Makeda awoke thirsty at night, and went to drink some water, when Solomon appeared, reminding her of her oath. She answered: "Ignore your oath, just let me drink water. Solomon gave Makeda a ring as a token of faith, and then she left. After the boy had grown up in Ethiopia, he went to Jerusalem carrying the ring, and was received with great honors. The king and the people tried in vain to persuade him to stay.

Solomon gathered his nobles and announced that he would send his first-born son to Ethiopia together with their first-borns. The first-born nobles who followed him are named, and even today some Ethiopian families claim their ancestry from them.

With much wailing, the procession left Jerusalem on a wind cart lead and carried by the archangel Michael. Having arrived at the Red Sea , Azaryas revealed to the people that the Ark is with them. David prayed to the Ark and the people rejoiced, singing, dancing, blowing horns and flutes, and beating drums. The Ark showed its miraculous powers during the crossing of the stormy Sea, and all arrived unscathed.

When Solomon learned that the Ark had been stolen, he sent a horseman after the thieves, and even gave chase himself, but neither could catch them. Solomon returned to Jerusalem, and gave orders to the priests to remain silent about the theft and to place a copy of the Ark in the Temple, so that the foreign nations could not say that Israel had lost its fame. She apparently ruled the Ethiopian kingdom for more than 50 years. Candace was the name of that queen of the Ethiopians whose chamberlain was converted to Christianity under the preaching of Philip the Evangelist Acts in 30 A.

In the 14th century? The link to King Solomon provided a strong foundation for Ethiopian national unity. I pray you will find out who has got this book and send it to me, for in my country my people will not obey my orders without it.

Jewish[ edit ] According to Josephus Ant. There seems also some affinity between the word Saba and the name or title of the kings of the Aethiopians, Sabaco. A hoopoe informed Solomon that the kingdom of Sheba was the only kingdom on earth not subject to him and that its queen was a sun worshiper. He thereupon sent it to Kitor in the land of Sheba with a letter attached to its wing commanding its queen to come to him as a subject.

She thereupon sent him all the ships of the sea loaded with precious gifts and 6, youths of equal size, all born at the same hour and clothed in purple garments. They carried a letter declaring that she could arrive in Jerusalem within three years although the journey normally took seven years.

Solomon informed her of her mistake and reprimanded her for her hairy legs. Schechter in Folk-Lore, , pp. The two that are genuine riddles are: "Without movement while living, it moves when its head is cut off", and "Produced from the ground, man produces it, while its food is the fruit of the ground".

The answer to the former is, "a tree, which, when its top is removed, can be made into a moving ship"; the answer to the latter is, "a wick". Rashi ad loc. According to others, the sin ascribed to Solomon in I Kings et seq. A Jewish and Arab myth maintains that the Queen was actually a jinn , half human and half demon. Ashkenazi incantations commonly depict the Queen of Sheba as a seductive dancer. Until recent generations she was popularly pictured as a snatcher of children and a demonic witch.

I found her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of Allah , and Satan has made their deeds pleasing to them and averted them from [His] way, so they are not guided. In a letter, Solomon invites the Queen of Sheba, who like her followers had worshipped the sun , to submit to Allah. She expresses that the letter is noble and asks her chief advisers what action should be taken. They respond by mentioning that her kingdom is known for its might and inclination towards war, however that the command rests solely with her.

In an act suggesting the diplomatic qualities of her leadership, [46] she responds not with brute force, but by sending her ambassadors to present a gift to King Solomon. He refuses the gift, declaring that Allah gives far superior gifts and that the ambassadors are the ones only delighted by the gift.

King Solomon instructs the ambassadors to return to the Queen with a stern message that if he travels to her, he will bring a contingent that she cannot defeat.

The Queen then makes plans to visit him at his palace. Before she arrives, King Solomon has her throne moved to his palace with the aid of a scholar of the scripture, who was able to move the throne in the blink of an eye.

King Solomon disguises her throne to test her awareness, asking her if it seems familiar. She answers that during her journey to him, her court had informed her that the throne disappeared and since then she and her subjects had made the intention to submit to Allah.

King Solomon then explains that Allah is the only god that she should worship, not to be included alongside other false gods that she used to worship. Later the Queen of Sheba is requested to enter a palatial hall. Upon first view she mistakes the hall for a lake and raises her skirt to not wet her clothes. King Solomon informs her that is not water rather it is smooth slabs of glass. Recognising that it was a marvel of construction which she had not seen the likes of before, she declares that in the past she had harmed her own soul but now submits, with King Solomon, to Allah — He said, "Indeed, it is a palace [whose floor is] made smooth with glass.

Ullendorff, the Quran and its commentators have preserved the earliest literary reflection of her complete legend, which among scholars complements the narrative that is derived from a Jewish tradition, [1] this assuming to be the Targum Sheni. However, according to the Encyclopaedia Judaica Targum Sheni is dated to around [52] similarly the general consensus is to date Targum Sheni to late 7th- or early 8th century, [53] which post-dates the advent of Islam by almost years.

Furthermore, M. Berdichevsky [54] explains that this Targum is the earliest narrative articulation of Queen of Sheba in Jewish tradition. They also assert that a medieval system of walls and ditches, known as the Eredo and built sometime around the 10th century, was dedicated to her. The most cogent argument against it at the moment is the dating.

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Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

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The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba


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