Yoducha ammim elohim yoducha ammim kullam. Eretz natenah yevulah yevarechenu elohim eloheinu. Harachaman hu yishtabbach al kissei chevodo. Harachaman hu yishtabbach banu ledor dorim. Harachaman hu yitten shalom beineinu.

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We conclude this blessing with Oseh Shalom, which asks that the One who makes peace in the high places make peace for us. During a social action service, this moment would be an opportunity to include another kind of prayer, one that does not only ask God to bestow peace, but that God help us to bring peace and justice into the world. In addition, the end of the Amidah is generally a time of silence and contemplation. The right reading or piece of music can be very effective in bringing people from that silence into the next portion of the service.

In the Jewish tradition, the separation between prayer and action is slight. I want you to deal your bread to the hungry, tear apart the chains of the oppressed. These are religious activities just as much as prayer is. They are all woven together. I think God listens to both kinds of prayer with equal joy. When man wants peace, when he wants peace as much as you just wanted air, when he comes up gasping for peace, when he is ready to give everything in himself to have peace, as you have given to have air, he will have peace.

Never say: What do I care about this or that? Do your part to add something new, to bring forth something that is needed, and to leave the world a little better because you were here briefly. True, we are too poor to eliminate hunger; but in feeding one child, we protest against hunger. True, we are too timid and powerless to take on all the guards of all the political prisons in the world; but in offering our solidarity to one prisoner, we denounce all the tormentors.

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Birkat Shalom/Peace



Sidur Bircat Shelomo - Libro de Rezos


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