Mazusho He enjoys instant communication with ring-bearing henchmen. The First Fantasy Campaign Dec: There, the Frog Cult is building an army of genetically modified frogmen while kidnapping and enslaving the populace of the surrounding area. The Zoo Adventure is however a bad form of the Dungeon adventure, in the same way Machiavelli in his Discourses on Livy saw the the Tyranny as a bad form of the Monarchy. The first widely available dungeon, Tegel Manorfeatures some evocative room descriptions. You shall know Tsathoggua by his great girth and his batlike furriness and the look of a sleepy black toad which he has eternally. So, stare in wonder at the creations of the founders of our hobby, and say a prayer in gratitude for the hours of entertainment they gave us.

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Over the years the Temple of the Frog has been presented in many published versions. It included something the world had never seen before. A published RPG scenario. This was the Temple of the Frog. The first published adventure however was the Temple of the Frog. In the campaign, the characters had recently lost the City of Blackmoor to invaders from the realm of the Egg of Coot and as a punishment the player characters were banished to the Dismal Swamp.

This is described in the First Fantasy Campaign. Played by Stephen Rocheford, Rocheford and Arneson worked together to create this character as a humanoid alien with ties to extra terrestrial forces and technnology. Stephen had mutated frogs and other swamp creatures into servants who worshipped the alien as a god and protected his temple. The inclusion of advanced technology would also provide clues to another adventure location to be explored later - The City of the Gods.

The adventure appearing in Supplement II had confused many gamers. Some believed it was an incomplete adventure. This meant among other things that the adventure assumed bringing several units of soldiers along with the adventurers.

DA2 changed all of this and presented a module adapted to the needs of gamers of the s. Two versions of the Temple of the Frog appeared in The same year, Wizards of the Coast released a module called Return to the Temple of the Frog on their website. This second module takes place 30 years after the defeat of St. Stephen and features the villain returning as an undead Vampire.


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The temple vexed me, but I had skipped the introduction, so I never even saw the strangest frrog. It was not published untilwhen S1 — Tomb of Horrors appeared. Temple of the Frog. Gus that was a really interesting read! He did make a few trips to Lake Geneva for to attend GenCon, so I guess it is possible he could have made a side trip around the lake to Fontana. This article contains spoilers!


Temple of the Frog



A History of the Temple of the Frog


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