The Breadman BKB Bread Maker is a bread machine with a robust bundle of features that include some unique qualities. It will allow you to bake two 1-pound loaves of bread simultaneously or a single 1. It has 13 pre-programmed baking functions and 3 bread-crust settings including light, medium and dark. It also has a delayed timer that can be set up to 15 hours in advance.

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If the electricity goes out, the memory will 2. Lid handle store your cycle selection for up to 7 minutes. If the power comes back on within this time, bread making will resume 3. Cord wrap not shown where it left off. Viewing window If the bread maker loses power for more than 7 minutes and 5.

Control panel bread, you should discard the contents of the recipe and start 7. Baking chamber again with new fresh ingredients due to health and sanitary considerations.

C ollapsible kneading paddles for If you are not sure when the outage occurred, remove the dough traditional bread pan 2 Part BKBQ and discard.

N on-collapsible kneading paddles for 1-lb. Shows selection and timer setting. Note: For two, 1-lb. For best results, remove bread immediately Selects cycle. Each time the MENU button is 7. Use to prepare preserves, marmalade, chutneys and ketchup. It is often added to bread in small quantities for nutritional enrichment, Used for gluten-free recipes. It is also used to enhance bread texture. Using bread flour will produce loaves with better volume and structure.

Bread may be You may use chart below to Keep flour in a secure, airtight container. Store rye and whole Important: Exact measurements for ingredients are the most important part of baking.

It is the key to getting great texture substitute any quick-acting yeast quick rise, fast rise or bread wheat flours in a refrigerator, freeze or a cool area to prevent and consistency in your bread. Make sure to measure all ingredients exactly. Therefore, less yeast is bread automatically, when baking bread from scratch, it is Note: Remember to insert kneading paddles first, then add all M ake small indentation on top of dry 8.

Bread maker is preset Yeast ingredients not so deep it reaches will illuminate. Note: Depending on the cycle or recipe used, some steps may the wet layer and add yeast D.

Note: Loaf size cannot be activated for the following cycles: not apply or there may be additional steps. Page 9: Slicing And Storing Bread Note: I f bread is not removed immediately after baking and Important: Make sure to clean the inside of the baking 6. Do not begin. Bread maker will automatically turn off after of 2 1. Page 10 5. The colon : in time 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk, water or fruit juice until smooth. Drizzle glaze over raisin or sweet bread when they are and rise as above.

When your bread is finished baking, bread maker will beep almost cool. If indentation springs back, cover seeds after glazing. Important: Once rolls are shaped, cover and let rise until 6.

W ipe inside of lid and oven baking chamber with slightly damp cloth or sponge. If any residue has scorched on On lightly floured board, roll dough to inch circle. Exact This product contains no user serviceable parts. Refer service heating element or elsewhere, wipe with nonabrasive pad to with softened butter. Cut into 16 wedges beginning at wider amounts of sugar, fruit, and other ingredients are necessary to qualified service personnel. Lid can be removed for cleaning. Dry baking chamber end.

Place rolls 2-inches apart on greased baking sheet with for good set. What does your warranty not cover? Also, accurate measurement of ingredients is essential to it to a service center.

Stale ingredients may have been used or too much yeast may have been used. Always use Two-year Limited Warranty the unit Why? Accurate measurements are essential to make delicious bread.

This manual is also suitable for:.


Breadman BK2000B Bread Maker

The unique Multi-Seeded White Bread. Measure ingredients into bread pan in the order listed. I nsert bread pan securely into baking chamber; close lid. Plug unit into wall outlet. Select WhITe. Choose loaf size and desired crust color.


2.5lb. Bakery Pro Bread Machine

Easy to extract the loaf from the pan Cons Quite noisy Motor is not very powerful Apart from the few setbacks, the Breadman TRS is a great bread-making machine, which is also durable. Customers appreciated how easy it is to extract bread from the pan. Breadman TR The Breadman TR is a lightweight bread maker, which can fit even small and short counter top spaces. It bakes 3 different types of loaves, within an hour or less. You can use it to prepare your favorite recipes, including French bread, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon raisin, honey wheat, rosemary and dinner rolls. Whether you are preparing a breakfast or dinner recipe, each loaf will be fresh for everyone to enjoy. You can program it based on your preferences, with the help of the user-friendly control panel.


Breadman BK1050S Recipe Book


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