Even the palm trees seemed to wither in the July heat. In his fifties, he was still a handsome man, with salt-and-pepper hair, a well-trimmed mustache, and brown eyes that twinkled whenever he spoke of his grandchildren. Natalie ignored Joaquin, refusing to take the bait. I was born there and grew up in the Garden District. Mention New Orleans, and people just had to ask about the storm. Given that journalists were far more curious than most people, Natalie supposed his next question was inevitable.

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I had a choice - find a reviewer for it or review it myself. Normally I would find a reviewer as I infrequently review books. I am a slow reader, I struggle to quantify my feelings, and romantic suspense in not my favorite genre hits too close to home.

But I took the plunge and read this book - here is the review I posted on Goodreads. I generally shy away from romantic suspense and roller coasters — just too much excitement for this mild mannered romance reader. Yet the buzz generated from Ms. Like a roller coaster, the plot unfolds in two parts — the first shorter loop of chilling suspense followed by the second longer loop of thrilling action that left me breathless and satisfied. While working undercover, he is betrayed by an ally, taken prisoner by a Mexican drug cartel, and waiting to die from torture.

Enter Natalie, an investigative reporter who has also been taken prisoner during a bloody ambush. The two meet through the walls of their hellhole prison. Clare touches upon issues that will resonate with military veterans, law enforcement, and first responders — the Code of Conduct and Service before Self. Zack provides Natalie with the emotional support to escape and she provides him with the physical assistance to join her. They take refuge in Alter to plan their trek across the Mexican desert to the US border.

At this point, I am anxious for them. Yes, touch. He sensed her behind him, felt her hand read against the nape of his neck, her cool fingers caressing his hair in soothing strokes. A part of him wanted to shout at her to get the hell away from him. Oh, but he did. Jesus he did. In the short time that our hero and heroine have spent together, they realize that the other is a lifeline — not just out of their physical hellhole but the emotional turmoil that has plagued them far too long.

The emotional connection leads to physical interaction that re-energizes their sense of survival. Clare makes it very real for the protagonists by allowing them and the reader to experience the full spectrum of emotions — emotions heightened by their brush with death. As Zack and Natalie trek across the desert, I grew uncomfortable. I felt the weight of their packs on my back, the unstable sand under my feet, the blaring sun on my face, the fear pulsating through my heart, and the thirst creeping through my body.

Clare is not just telling a story, she is placing the reader in the middle of it. No sooner do they give me a chance to catch my breath, the roller coaster climbs to the top. The suspense begins to build. An enemy within emerges from the shadows to threaten Natalie. This time, hero and heroine switch roles - Zach provides Natalie with the physical stamina to survive. She provides him with the emotional strength to break through his demons.

They are joined by the I-Team and their husbands in law enforcement. To balance the testosterone, Ms. In fact, Ms. Clare takes the reader through a series of poignant scenes: - the gravity defying appearance of a team member - an unexpected opportunity for one alpha to comfort another - Zach resolves a long standing issue on the canyon ridge. This second longer loop was heart pounding and heart wrenching as hero and heroine wrestled with real monsters and inner demons.

Clare has planned next but I sure would like to see Colorado Marshal Teresa Rowan take a few loops around the roller coaster of romantic suspense! I look forward to reading the preceding four books to learn more about the I-Team. Thus, Ms. Clare has converted me to romantic suspense roller coasters are still under consideration.


Breaking Point Quotes

Excerpt Natalie took a sip of coffee, studying Zach over the top of her porcelain cup as he devoured what was left of his breakfast. Most of the time when she interviewed someone, she had a good sense of whether that person was telling her the truth. Maybe the stakes were too high this time. Maybe she was too caught up in her own emotions and too close to the situation to focus clearly.


Breaking Point by Pamela Clare


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