I knew that they believed it was good and necessary to be unhappy about whatever they believed that applied to, generally them not getting what they wanted. This was the way people chose unhappiness as a feeling. Feelings ranging from mild annoyance to murderous rage; from disappointment to suicidal depression. The belief that unhappiness is preferable to happiness happiness being seen as some form of being crazy , or the belief that not being unhappy was contradictory to a personally held value, is the dynamic of all unhappiness.

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Bruce Di Marsico created the Option Method some time before He taught many people from all walks of life for over 27 years. Since his death in , his students and their students have continued to share and teach Option with people worldwide. What are the Option Method Questions? The Option Method Questions are: What are you unhappy about? Why do you believe it would mean that? Bruce designed and created this series of questions so that we may help ourselves or with the help of an Option Method Master Teacher, reveal the beliefs behind our bad feelings and unhappiness.

You can also find a guide to applying the questions on your own in the article Rediscover Your Personal Wisdom and Happiness. How does the Option Method help people become happier? The Option Method helps people become happier by helping them to stop being unhappy sad, angry, or any other unwanted negative emotion. Option accomplishes this in several ways. How is the Option Method different from other kinds of self-help methods or therapies? The most basic difference between Option and other methods is the understanding that we are our own best experts.

We each have our own, individual, specific, reasons for getting unhappy when we do. The Option Method Questions are designed to help us identify those reasons. Unlike other modalities, the Option Method does not require you to rethink, memorize or adopt a new belief or thought pattern.

The Option Method Questions present a painless process that allows you to simply let go of self-defeating beliefs. The profound yet simple questions are unique to Option and were created by Bruce Di Marsico over thirty-six years ago.

How does an Option Method Dialogue appointment work? The Option Method Master Teacher will guide you through your own process of self discovery. A skilled Master Teacher will ask you the Option Method Questions to help you uncover the core beliefs that are holding you back and causing your unhappiness. Trained to be an acute listener, completely non-judgmental, never projecting or making assumptions, the Master Teacher will help you to identify the beliefs behind your bad feelings.

Most dialogues are one hour as this is usually plenty of time to address one and sometimes more than one unhappiness in your life. There is an awakening oftentimes when we hear ourselves reveal a belief out loud that we had no idea we were believing. What is the difference between the Option Process and the Option Method? Bruce Di Marsico created what he called the Option Method nearly 40 years ago. Many of his students have shared the joy of what they learned from Bruce with others.

One of these students was Barry Neil Kaufman. Kaufman has chosen to trademark and identify his work as the Option Process. It is now possible to experience the same classes Mr. The Master Teachers on this site are not currently affiliated with Mr. How can I learn how to use the Option Method to help others? This is best achieved by learning it with the help of an Option Method Master Teacher.

All of them bring their own special talents and gifts to this simple yet profound tool. Is there certificate training available in the Option Method? Find out about current workshops. There will be, in the near future, an opportunity to receive a certificate of completion of training in the Option Method. Please contact Wendy for more information. How might I become a member of the Option Method Network?


Option Method Network

We are searching in our own personal ways. Some of us are looking for that perfect relationship with a loved one or the satisfying career. Whatever our desires we usually look outside ourselves for help to attain them. In varying degrees, we feel that we need something more than what we already possess spiritually or materialistically before we can be really happy. Some of us get closer to it than others. Often a life threatening illness or the profound loss of a loved one becomes a turning point in our lives, a pivotal moment, when we make a conscious choice to be grateful for what we have and live life to the fullest. For some, as the routines of life return, this awakening remains in the heart and soul, like a gift from God, but it slips from the grasp of others.

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Both roots are quite appropriate for the name of the method whose goal is to serve by helping people to realize the role that personal choice plays in their emotional states. Recognizing that what he was searching for was not within the confines of the monastery, Bruce began to find his true calling while studying psychology and philosophy in the s at Seton Hall University, New Jersey. Years later while at work as a psychotherapist, and human relations consultant, he came to develop the Option Method as a self-help tool to help people become happier in their everyday lives. You can now hear Bruce discuss the Option Method questions and reveal how asking these questions help uncover judgments and beliefs that stand in the way of happiness. Find out more about the audio CD.

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