Attention: Your original remote control must be able to work and the same as our remote control. Copy method Step 1 -delete the existing code of our remote duplicator 1 Click and Hold Lock A and Unlock B buttons together - Led will flash 3 times 2 Keep holding lock A button and release unlock B button 3 Keep holding lock A button and push unlock B button 3 times, Led will start flashing Non-stop Step 2 - clone your original remote 1 Put both remotes Into back to Back position. Make sure they have direct contact 2 Click and hold 1 button on your original remote and 1 button on your clone remote. Keep holding until led will make 2 blinks then 3 blinks then goes into Steady and you have successfully cloned.

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You have turn to the supplier of the receiver. If the receiver has not been blocked, proceed as follows: Coding a manual transmitter You can encode your new manual transmitter with either an already working manual transmitter or with a radio receiver. Position yourselves close to the operator pulse controlled by the manual transmitter. Stand in the destination field of the radio receiver. Take the already working manual transmitter: Press the hidden key small hole on the hand transmitter with a paper clip.

The receiver gives a short acoustic signal. The receiver remains in the learning mode for 5 seconds. Take one of the new manual transmitters and press the key you want to register. You can register several hand transmitters one after another. Take one of the new manual transmitters and press the key that is supposed to be registered The control light goes out.

Let go the "MEMO" key and the key of the manual transmitter. The control light on the radio card starts to flash. Press the same key of the manual transmitter again. The control light goes out to confirm registration of the manual transmitter. Repeat the process for the keys and the manual transmitters which you want to register.


Telecomando Cardin S449 qz2 433,92 Mhz


DIN 38414 S4 PDF

Cardin S449 QZ/2 handzender (afstandsbediening)



Cardin S449


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