Mijin Davis recalls that a fenced and posted area, presumably containing chemical agent, was located south or southwest of the Large Impact Area on Pelham Range; this generally confirms the report by Ralph Johnson. Cane Creek Nielsen St. The test site was equipped with a fire pond simply to accurately replicate a real weapons storage site. This parcel type lacks adequate documentation to fit into any of the six previous categories. Grogan reports that a prefabricated hangar was once located on the east side of the parking area. See these items occasionally.

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Milar The tar flowed into the creek and off post. Yellow smoke grenade functioned adjacent to Bldg. Former Printing Plant, Bldg. In some instances the terrain behind a small arms range may be relatively flat for several hundred yards, resulting in a long impact area.

CERFA Category 1 Qualified Parcels are those parcels that were identified as having no evidence of CERCLA-related hazardous substance or petroleum product storage, release, or disposal, but which do contain other environmental or safety concerns.

All of Pelham Range will be licensed to the National Guard to continue current land use. This is one of the most recently constructed Pelham rages. Cerfq of the Army. These items not currently used at R Grogan had three tours of duty where he visited Reilly Air Field —and — Operation Exit Green Dragon — chem school transfer during approx.

Jaye, and ; Weston, 5. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency. One 20,gal UST for No. No fuel tanks at Pelham range air field. M blanks, flares, simulators Comments: By May maybe?

Area requires further evaluation. Gas mask test chambers — Used to demonstrate effectiveness of gas masks in providing protection and to confirm mask fit before performing training with live agent. RCRA site was remediated and closed in Some batteries stored here in small area, but mostly used for vehicle cfrfa. Tanks no longer appear to be present. One of the two plants retains painted Bldg. Range 30 — live overhead fire range in s and in WWII.

No explosives in these Check to make sure that agent concentration is less than 20 ppm drinking water standardthen incinerate.

No potential for release. Johnson recalled that it was rumored that FTMC may have disposed of foreign ordnance at this site. No rad sources used, just dummy sources; might find reference to this, but no releases occurred. Memorandum for Record from K. This is where found the chem rounds used PINS to confirm absence of agent.

Higgins, ; CH2MHill, 5. Shipping and receiving Brooks, No complete survey ever done. Artillery rounds over 12 inches long have been found on mountain slopes. Agent and DS2 cause an oily sheen on water. October 30, ; January 11, T. Preliminary Draft Feasibility Study Report.

This range is used as a training area only; no live fire. Filled tanker at bulk storage area. Historical maps indicate that the direction of fire was to the west and into Mokely Hill. Groundwater in some of the rounds when dug up. Huxford recalls that scrap material may have been disposed of in the Large Impact Area at Pelham Range near the concrete bunker.

Range activities restricted to and Few maps of historical Ft. Green knows of no kennels at Reservoir Ridge. Related Posts.


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