During the battle, Ashberry learns there are women and children clivf the Nightbreed. His goal was to make the Star Wars of horror films. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Boone and Lori are banished from Midian by Lylesburg. Jihadwhich merges the two worlds created by Clive Barker and features the Cenobites as agents of order against their chaotic nemesis the Nightbreed, and the Jihad Holy War of extermination that the first wage on the latter. After his film Nightbreed Cabalwhich was widely considered to be a flop, Barker returned to write bagker direct Lord of Illusions.

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Plot[ edit ] Aaron Boone dreams of Midian, a city where monsters are accepted. At the request of girlfriend Lori Winston, Boone is seeing psychotherapist Dr. Phillip Decker, who convinces Boone that he committed a series of murders. Decker is actually a masked, family-hating serial killer who has murdered several families. Before he can do so, Boone is struck by a truck and taken to a hospital. There, Boone overhears the rants of Narcisse, a seemingly insane man who seeks to enter Midian.

Convinced that Boone is there to test him, Narcisse gives Boone directions to the hidden city before tearing the skin off his face in order to show his "true" face. He is quickly subdued by hospital staff, and Boone leaves. Boone makes his way to Midian, a city beneath a massive graveyard in the middle of nowhere. He encounters supernatural creatures Kinski and Peloquin. Kinski says they should bring him below, but Peloquin refuses to allow in a normal human. Boone claims to be a murderer, but Peloquin smells his innocence and attacks him.

Boone escapes, only to encounter a squad of police officers led by Decker. Boone is gunned down after Decker tries to get him to turn himself in and then yells that Boone has a gun. Seeking to understand why Boone left her, Lori investigates Midian. She befriends a woman named Sheryl Anne, and drives to the cemetery with her. Leaving Sheryl Anne at the car, Lori explores the cemetery, where she finds a dying wolf-like creature.

A woman named Rachel a nightbreed with the power to transform into smoke pleads from the shadows for Lori to take it out of the sunlight. Lori asks after Boone, but is rebuffed by Lylesburg and scared off by Peloquin. Decker attempts to use Lori to draw Boone out of hiding. Boone rescues Lori, and Decker learns Boone is unable to be killed due to his transformation. Decker escapes and Boone takes Lori into Midian. Rachel explains to Lori that the monsters of folklore were peaceful beings who were hunted to near-extinction by humans.

Boone and Lori are banished from Midian by Lylesburg. Decker learns how to kill the Nightbreed, and murders the residents of the hotel where Boone and Lori are staying.

When Boone discovers the crime scene, he is unable to control his thirst for blood and begins drinking. The police find Boone and take him into custody. Lori, Rachel and Narcisse rescue Boone, and the four return to Midian where Boone convinces the Nightbreed to stand and fight. During the battle, Ashberry learns there are women and children amongst the Nightbreed. When he tries halting the attack, he is beaten by Eigerman. Ashberry finds the idol of Baphomet and swears allegiance to it.

When he is splashed by its blood, he is burned and transformed. Boone learns from Lylesburg that Baphomet plans to destroy Midian. Boone argues to release the Berserkers, a monstrous feral breed that were imprisoned due to their insanity. When Lylesburg is killed before he can open the cages, Boone releases them and the Berserkers turn the tide of battle. Decker confronts Boone and is killed.

When Boone faces Baphomet, Baphomet says that Boone has caused the end of Midian, which had been foretold. Baphomet charges Boone with finding a new home for the Nightbreed and renames him Cabal. Boone leaves Midian with Lori and meets with the remaining Nightbreed in a barn where he says his goodbyes to Narcisse and promises to find a place where they will be safe. Boone promises to return to her, but fearing she will become old whilst Boone will retain his youth and immortality, Lori stabs herself.

Boone resurrects Lori as a Nightbreed. Narcisse is killed earlier in the battle by Decker, so he is not present during these events. Meanwhile, Captain Eigerman wanders the underground remains where he stumbles upon the transformed Ashberry, who now desires revenge.

The resurrection of Decker does not occur. The surviving Nightbreed watch Boone and Lori in the distance. He unmade Midian". If not tonight, then tomorrow". Babette repeats: "In the next wind", as the Nightbreed look expectantly at the couple, who are far away in the fields. David Cronenberg as Dr. Philip K. Decker, a psychotherapist who doubles as a masked serial killer. Doug Bradley as Dirk Lylesberg, a Nightbreed who serves as their acolyte and lawgiver. Catherine Chevalier as Rachel, a shapeshifting Nightbreed that can not deal with sunlight.

Oliver Parker as Peloquin, a Nightbreed that is responsible for biting Aaron. Debora Weston as Sheryl Ann, a woman that Lori befriends. Nicholas Vince as Kinski, a Nightbreed with a crescent moon-shaped head. Simon Bamford as Ohnaka, a tattooed member of the Nightbreed. Christine McCorkindale as Shuna Sassi, a Nightbreed with an animalistic face that is covered in quills. Tony Bluto as Leroy Gomm, an overweight Nightbreed who has retractable tentacles coming out of his stomach.

The first compromise Barker made was to change the title of the film from Cabal to Nightbreed because Morgan Creek insisted on a more commercial title and thought that the original one did not mean anything.

His goal was to make the Star Wars of horror films. The monsters in the book are represented impressionistically over two or three paragraphs and the challenge Barker faced was to visualize them in much greater detail for the film. They used computer-controlled animatronics but only where necessary. He made some changes and the second test screening was much more successful.

Nightbreed was cut to two hours and then again to minutes.


The Nightbreed Chronicles



Clive Barker


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