Literature Without Complexes: The New Concept of A Web Serial For many years fanfiction has been a topic of mockery outside the world but today there are many voices bent on defending the genre for either economic or artistic reasons. What is the current landscape of fan literature? How can money be made with characters protected by copyright? Is there a system that satisfies fan writers and original authors?

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Husband and wife. Joined by love and a dedication that would soon cost them everything. The moon was high and clear, its blue light piercing through the windows. The horses were traveling at a full gallop, their hooves pounding against the ground in perfect rhythm.

He marveled at their innocence. It was the last thing he expected to hear. Her husband has kept the truth from her. Those would be their last words on this earth. No pain was felt.

It happened too fast. All was over before they could even scream. Soon the monsters will come out to play. They like the night.

They feed on it. Sometimes they feed on us. From here, I can see the twenty-foot-high concrete wall that surrounds Denver. It was built shortly after the thirty-year war that pitted humans against vampires came to an end. It keeps out most of the monsters. Most of them. Tomorrow night the Agency—which is responsible for protecting the city—will send me out beyond the wall. Alone for the first time as the official delegate to one of the most powerful vampires in the world: Lord Valentine.

Just like my parents. For two long years they met with Lord Valentine twice a month to discuss vampire-human relations, negotiate the blood supply, appeal to his mercy—what little he has of it. Before them, other delegates served, but none lasted as long; none pleased Valentine the way that they did. They loved each other so much. I try not to resent that she placed her love for my father above her love for me. She knew the dangers, knew I could be left an orphan. Their burned carriage was found abandoned by the road, the ground around it soaked in blood.

Valentine sent condolences and an assurance that those responsible—rogue vampires traveling through the area—had been dealt with. Later I learned that he tied the accused to crucifixes outside the wall, forced them to greet the sun. Because vampires heal quickly, it must have been a long, excruciating death as they slowly turned to ash until all that remained was their fangs. For some reason, those never burn. No one asked why he chose me.

Even if it kills you inside. Even if most of what you hold dear has already been taken. But sometimes I do wonder: Why me? The Agency assigned Rachel Goodwin to serve as my guardian. She did most of the talking; I was just there to observe her interactions with Valentine.

But following our last meeting, the Lord Vampire told her that she was no longer needed and that I was ready to go solo. She gives me the location of the party. I just … miss him. Since you two got so ridiculously serious, you hardly ever hang out with me anymore.

She almost always has a guy with her. Michael and I grew up together, were always friends, and then about four months ago, on a dare at a party, we kissed. I think the sparks we ignited surprised both of us. At the sound of the third beep, the official time will be six thirty-five p. Out of habit, we check our watches and cell phones to make sure the hour and minutes are correct. Accuracy can determine life and death most nights, as we race the dark home, huddle in our rooms to await dawn.

But not tonight. The party is being held at a house near the wall. My favorite part is the fur-lined collar; it keeps my neck warm, makes it feel protected. My black hair is curling riotously past my shoulders. I decided not to tame it. Tonight I want to be as wild as my hair. They all want to know her. I stop at the door. The one on the other side of the city.

What does it matter? I know what she was going to say. Since my parents were killed. Be a chicken if you want and stay here. The truth is: I want to go. I never leave home without one after the sun sets. I close and lock the door behind me. She wraps her arm around mine, and we walk in sync to the elevator. I try to believe it. I want to believe. A final night of fun before I face my destiny. The few precious cities left in the world are each controlled by an Old Family patriarch or a trusted member of his family.

Lord Valentine is one of the oldest. He was the first to make the presence of vampires known. They became overnight celebrities. From nighttime talk shows to the lowliest paparazzi, everyone wanted a piece.

It was about fashion and traveling and how they saw humans. We had vampires in our midst and all we wanted to know was their opinions about us. We were so egocentric and oblivious, eager for entertainment. After all, they must not have seemed that different from us: They have heartbeats, they breathe, their skin is warm. But the similarities only served to distract us from seeing the monsters hiding within—until it was too late. Outside, Tegan and I head to the nearest trolley stop.

Since the war ended, the only decent transportation in this city is the trolleys. Connected to the tracks and electrical lines above them that shoot out sparks, they carry people toward their destination. Always on time. Always efficient. People are left to walk the streets or take the trolleys, which are the lifeblood of this city. Out of the top plumes the constant blue smoke created from the processing and burning of coal, which fuels the massive generator that provides electricity.

Rub your finger across any wall in the city and it comes back black. The closer you are to the Works, the more power you get and the more regular it is. We head away from the center of the city. Plastering the walls along our route are the propaganda posters set up by the Agency to encourage citizens to donate blood.

As part of the VampHu Treaty that ended the war, humans in the cities supply blood to the vampires on the outside. Donating blood is voluntary; no one is forced to do it. At first, people were so scared of the vampires, the tragedies of war still recent memories, that they fled to the nearest donation site in the hope of keeping their new vampire masters fat and jolly.

They assume others will do it for them. Our once-steady supply is beginning to slip. Every month we receive less. Which makes my new position as delegate much more challenging. The sun dips below the horizon, turning the city from deep orange to light blue to dark purple, and finally to black.

Everyone around us begins to fidget, checking watches as if in disbelief. They begin calling home, their signals bouncing off the one and only cell tower in the middle of the city.


Darkness Before Dawn

Plot summary[ edit ] Eighteen-year-old Keisha Montgomery is still recovering from the suicide of her ex-boyfriend, Andy, after she broke up with him. While having the support of her friends and family, she starts to go out. During a track meeting, a girl named Rita begins arguing with Jonathan. He denies what they were talking about and after shouting some choice curse words, she runs into the woods, never to return to school. Over time, he begins to smooth talk her and they finally become a couple. Her parents disapprove of him being five years older and forbid her to see him.



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