DD FORM 2058-1 PDF

Akile Either way worse case scenario they keep your first 3 months of taxes and you are tax free for the rest of the year. For example, you may own a house in New Jersey, lease a condominium in Texas, and rent an apartment in California. If you retire, you get a free move to wherever the hell you want to go Executing a new last will and testament indicating your domicile; 7. For example, military income is exempt from state tax in certain states.

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ROUTINE USES: The information obtained will become part of the active duty pay system of records of the service concerned and may be disclosed to the routine users including State tax authorities of such system as described in the record system notices for such system. Failure to complete this form will result in withholding of State income taxes from your pay. Disclosure of SSN is voluntary.

However, to avoid erroneous application of your withholding exemption to the account of another member, this exemption certificate will not be processed without your SSN. If you are unsure of your particular State law provisions for exemption from withholding, you should write your State taxing authority. Residents of applicable states who enter military service and are assigned to duty outside those States do not change residence because of such assignments.

They remain residents of those States for tax purposes unless they fulfill all three of the following conditions: 1. They maintain no place of abode in their State of legal residence during the taxable year, 2. They do maintain a place of abode outside that State for the entire taxable year, and 3.

They spend no more than 30 days in that State during the taxable year. The following are not considered places of abode under condition 2: a. An abode maintained while on temporary duty or while attending a specialized training school away from your permanent duty station. A member who is otherwise considered to maintain a place of abode outside his or her State of legal residence does not lose the place of abode solely because of performance of duty at another location if such place of abode is still maintained by the member.

Quarters occupied by a barracks, on shipboard, or in bachelor officer quarters at your permanent duty station. This restriction applies only to New Jersey and New York residents. If your status under condition 2 is unclear, you should consult your legal assistance officer before completing the form. If the spouse and family of a married individual in military service continue to reside in the State of legal residence, their abode is considered to be an abode maintained by the service member.

Condition 1 would therefore not be met. Withholding of State income tax will stop the month after the month in which the certificate is filed. Effective date of exemption election.

Retroactive adjustments will not be made.


Dd Form 2058 - 1, State Income Tax Exemption Test Certificate



DD Form 2058 "State of Legal Residence Certificate"


LEY 26197 PDF

DD FORM 2058-1 PDF


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