Maps Huckster Hexes This is a list of alternate power trappings for Hucksters to pick from. The Powers are listed in two groups: Hexes and Tricks. Hexes are full powers that when take count as a Power. No change in mechanics. B Bash Bolt : Creates a swirling ball of destructive wind and energy about a yard in diameter that can typically only harm inanimate objects due to its slow buildup time which makes it easy to dodge. The ball of destruction takes a full round to form after which is does 3d6 damage 4d6 with a Raise for 3 rounds before it dissipates.

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This pretty much fixes that, except for those oddball monsters. At 10 minutes per hex level, the two speed is kind of a minor issue, but only being able to affect a couple of bullets at a time is a pain keeping me from rating this 5 stars. You need a very good hand for this to be really good, but -4 damage is still something.

I think this is pretty well balanced, making it solid. It works. But why? This hex is pretty much Dead on Arrival even though it does have a cool name. The snakes do have poison, so I guess you could assassinate someone without worrying about the Social consequences of casting as much — you violent person. The only thing that saves this from being one star is the AOE effect being unique.

Also, you need the grass to exist in the first place. This Hex is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophesy hex though. At least it works really well! Add a star or two if your Marshal uses a lot of low level casters in your campaign.

Higher level hands create walls and chasms that will make pursuit impossible or mold the battlefield to your advantage. And finally hands with nearly impossible odds can level towns.

The primary limiting factor here is the 2 miles per hex level range, meaning you should make your escape hatch any time you travel somewhere new by train and before you head to your intended destination. Necessary if you want to shoot things with armor. If you want to rely on your gun, pick this up eventually. With that in mind, I place Soul Burst and Grenade in the same tier. Rank 5 means that strength checks start at TN 11 to break through the ice, regardless of what hand you get.

There are properties to this spell I really like, such as how it takes the next bullet in the chamber forcing your enemy to lose an action. Infinite ammo! Ace activation is great. This is the only way to increase the damage of your gun outside of making a headshot And if you want to get technical, eliminating armor penalties if that applies.

If not, ignore this. Anyway, the speed is actually relatively fast, so comboing up for even something as simple as a more powerful Soul Blast might be worthwhile. The backlash thing is a pain, but getting otherwise impossible hands is a more than fair trade-off for the increased risk. Its permanent duration makes it easy to set this up as a trap for devious schemes.

Pair this up with Hard Water if you want to drown your victims You monster. A free card when using Texas Twister during a rainstorm is a pretty good reason by itself. Also targets Nimbleness instead of Strength, which is basically just a trade-off for the types of enemies you can use this on. What makes this such a great crowd control is that it seems to just work, and that they have to waste at least one action card getting out of it.

Best of all, it always deals at least 1d6 wind damage to the target. Use it on metal gizmos to make stack up the malfunction chance. And outside of combat the strength bonus for breaking metal objects is doubled, making it almost like a supernatural buff bonus. Needing Jacks for most locks is pretty reasonable.

I think the rating is the same whether your Marshal rules it does or not. If it provides obscured vision, this is a good battlefield control letting you wall up an area to take your enemies out in pieces.

Oh, I should mention that unlike Texas Twister you can act by expending the 1 wind per round, so it has that advantage too. Sounds awesome right? The issue of course is the part where you take 1d4 wind per round. The four-star rating is there for some of the creative uses you might come up with for this.

It does substantially less damage than Soul Burst on a single cast, but you can cast it twice as often as Soul Burst.

My only gripe is the range. For pushing enemies back, take a look at Clear Out! Sending secret messages about is a good idea especially as the forces of evil start to catch on to you.

A 10 yard radius is actually kind of huge, and this can create cover or tie up a bunch of enemies, giving it both combat and non-combat applicability.

It moves extremely fast too, so on each of your actions you can harass your enemy again and again with ease even if they try to move out. If you can combo this with something that restricts movement, like the Quicksand spell, you can completely tie up an enemy And maybe even drown them in that particular example.

Best of all, and the thing that gets this a 5 star rating, is that Texas Twisters are technically a mundane thing, making it pretty easy to explain it away if you managed to conceal your casting with deftness. Gives an automatic 5d12 in stealth — note that the d12 pace makes you pretty fast by itself as well. Includes a nice clmbing skill too — but if up is the way you need to go the Raven has that covered. If you want to assassinate someone using snakes, this is better than Call of the Wild assuming you can get away fast enough before they retaliate.

Since you can squeeze through cracks you can pretty easily plan an escape route. Overawe is interesting, but draws too much attention to you Anyone with a pistol might use you as target practice.

The best things about it are the tracking skill boost Saves spending the BP on that and the incredible 18 pace. Switching between two guns and casting this spell take the same number of actions. This should suck! Well, the effect is.. It has a huge radius of 5 yards per hex level, a respectable range, and a fantastic non-violent effect that will really dial down the crowd.

The lower cards are useless, though a match might be right what you need from time to time, so even getting a gun for your Gunslinging Huckster is highly unlikely. It does say you can use this on bullets, which is a great idea. Except it has a touch range — so anything I just said is moot.


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