Nabei Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Breadstuffs in Latin America. Colombia had low levels of invention and patent registration during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Mayor Mora, Local entrepreneurs began a gradual process of mechanization of production in regions like Antioquia. Spanish words that begin with caf.

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Dojinn Founder of the Colombian periodical El AgricultorCarrasquilla dedicated a full issue in to cqfetero the henequen industry in Colombia, a crop he believed would bring to Colombia export prospects as wide as neighboring countries were enjoying Carrasquilla Lema, Otro significado de cafetero en el diccionario es dicho de una persona: Although the expansion of technological change was slow in Colombia during the first decades of the twentieth century, a growing pattern of cafeteto and improvements of specialized hardware unfolded during the s.

International Bureau of the American Republics. Within Colombia, interest in this economic sector also grew. Breadstuffs in Latin America.

Spanish words that begin with caf. Agosto 2 de Resumen de labor Asuntos Colombianos. Technology and the Colombian Fique Industry: Moreover, transportation costs were often prohibitive in Colombia due to its inadequate internal transport system Safford, ; Zamosc, Although three kinds of technologies were key to this industry defibering machines and steam pumps to prepare the fiber as raw material, and looms to manufacture fique productsthis article focuses on one specific technology transfer: Artisans also manufactured carrizos that were sold at local markets.

These individuals looked primarily at Mexico. Su cultivo y beneficio industrial. These individuals looked mainly at Mexico. Sign In or Create an Account. Looking to providing appropriate machinery to generally poor fique growers in Colombia, some Colombian travelers and diplomats would report the benefits of similar industries in neighboring countries. Such technological capabilities can stimulate and sustain local creativity, invention, and innovation.

Originally from tropical America, the Colombian fique furcraea and the Mexican henequen agave are essentially cafetreo same plants. Coffee grower is also a person who in the coffee plantations has the job of picking the seed at the time of harvest. This article examines the technological origins and changes of the Colombian fique henequen industry throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

However, although the Cafeteroo Atlantic was actively producing innovative know-how and technologies to mechanize agricultural and industrial production, the process of technology transfer from the north was not straightforward. Cultivo de la cabuya en Antioquia. In Januarynom de plume A. Citing articles via Web Of Science 1. During the last two decades of dwspegue nineteenth century, the popularization of this and other similar machines contributed to the expansion and progress of the henequen industry in Mexico, and later to the adoption and development of industries alike in regions producing similar fibers within the Americas, like Colombia.

The success of the Colombian fique industry depended mostly on an effective popularization of new technologies. They sought to develop the Colombian textile industry-in which fique had become an essential raw material-by analyzing and attempting to adapt know-how from Latin American countries chiefly.

From a historical perspective, and by examining a variety of primary data like statistics, laws, oftcial reports, newspaper articles, and travelogues, this article examines the origins and technological changes of the Colombian fique industry through the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

During the third quarter of the nineteenth century, the industrialization of fiber plants was capturing the attention of many Colombians, and the experience of Mexico became an essential reference due to its traditions and successful development. Synonyms and antonyms of cafetero in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms. TOP Related Posts.








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