The bird only has time to catch a glimpse of all the festivities before it flies out of the other window. Thats us : we rapidly pass from non-existence to non-existence. Is that going to be a message many people want to hear? Is that why religion with its vivid promises of afterlife joy for you, and, hopefully, misery for your enemies may still be attractive to most people? That and about a thousand other reasons.

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Dennett, Richard Dawkins y muchos otros. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Another cosmological discussion, but he is more sympathetic to religion. According to Leibniz the proof is valid for the concept of God, but whether the concept is possible is another question.

Maybe I will pick it up later. I am glad that Hitch took on the task or choosing and editing this compendium. By arranging the readings in chronological order rather than by theme, Hitchens creates a history of non-theism which contextualizes the current state of affairs. He turned priests into laymen because nk turned laymen into priests. Start reading The Portable Atheist: The moral inconsistencies of the Bible and the lack of archaeological evidence.

A beautiful, astute and chrishopher collection christophfr writings from throughout human history tackling human morality, gods and the meaning of life. Dec 10, Paul C. For example, to call the ontological proof for the existence of God obviously wrong is not an argument. I would hope most would bravely consider to put their faith to the test; experience tells me my hopes in this regard must appear naive to nearly everyone.

Dios no existe es una lectura fascinante para todo el mundo. Si es un lector que apenas comienza a leer le recomiendo empezar con este libro. I would recommend it to anyone interested on the subject, not depending on at what level they may come informed on this very broad topic. Pyntesyke rated it it was ok Nov 21, Whereas owners of cats are hitchena to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.

This book contains 47 essays of people who lived on diversified eras and with diversified visions. What more do you want? One person found this helpful. Everybody, religious or non-religious, should read this compilation by Hitchens. Page Where a god makes the world, it remains in his power to unmake it. The Portable Atheist is a compilation of extracts from the canons of many famous philosophers, scientists, and writers 47 in allassembled by Christopher Hitchens.

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