This is a ceramic material that incorporates vermiculite, making it highly resistant to flame damage and enabling it to store and release heat slowly. Ceramics also play a big part in the decorative casing of the stoves, with majolica tiles incorporated in the exterior design. As well as being attractive and brightly coloured, these tiles also retain and release heat from the stoves. Ecoteck pellet stoves are capable of being controlled by gprs text messaging, and some models are designed with the option of fitting to ducting systems to transfer heat from room to room, Elena Airplus, Veronica and Laura. A hand held remote control is also available. All stoves have stainless steel heat exchangers, a glass air wash, and automatic burn pot cleaning which blows air through the burn pot once an hour.

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Here are the issues I faced. To get tat the parts which I needed to clean, I had to dismantle the entire stove which is difficult enough. The screws which you need to remove are all metric hex. I think they are assembled using an impact gun, cause many of them stripped by me just trying to loosen them.

The metal used in the screws is very poor and is too soft Same as on my stove. There are parts to the stove that need to be removed just to be able to get to the screws, which if it were assembled properly, would not need to be removed but such is not the case.

This is bad cause pellets that fall on top of the exchanger will smolder and if they accumulate too much, could start a top load fire that extends into the hopper. FYI - The first Francesca I had was on loan to a pool store that was going to try and sell them for us and it actually caught fire in the store at 2am from those idiots making a mess from loading it.

It almost burned down the store. Wiring - all of the terminal disconnects on this stove are made from low quality Chinese parts and routinely fall apart at the crimps or fall off the spade terminals of the components. This happened in mine as well as the stove from yesterday. The micro switches for the hopper and the door were afterthoughts for the US market and were adapted to fit units already assembled Auger bushing nylon was already loose on the plate and causing binding has to super glue it Top plate baffle above the firebox is wrecked also on mine due to the extreme heat above the Firex material the baffles are made from This baffle as well as the heat exchangers and rake ought to be made from stainless due to the extreme heat conditions Overall, it was a 4 hour service that should have only taken and hour and a half at best Still want one?

The Enviro has none of these issues.


Her finder du reservedele som passer til Ravelli.



Gløderør / Eltænder passer til Ecoteck pilleovn



Ecoteck Francesca



The Trouble With Francesca


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