Although I did get a bit sick of the different synonyms used to describe male parts. Just flprecer moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. First off, with her being completely lost on how being a Queen works, and then having to figure out who is loyal to her in this territory and who may still belong to Queen Louisa just makes this a very tense and a little uncomfortably amusing addition to flotecer series. The main character seems to almost too powerful, but the story is easy to get into and fun a distraction.

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I have no idea what its about, but thats okay. Oops, probably shouldnt do that again. Lets just say I was pretty suprised when I actually started reading the first book a few months ago. This is most definitely under the erotica category. Expect in-depth sex scenes every thirty Before I begin, let me just say that I bought this book and its predecessor, Mona Lisa Awakening, back in the summer. Expect in-depth sex scenes every thirty pages or so. This book still has its major annoyances, but it was a slight step up nonetheless.

The striking similarities between the Anita Blake novels and this series. There were times when I was expecting Jean-Claude or Richard to fly into the pages for a quick hello. The writing styles in particular is the main thing I noticed. The really awkward and unecessary similies. I know how to use figurative language! Was that really necessary? The tedious, long descriptions of eyes and facial movements are in plenty. These things worked well in the Anita Blake books, simply because Laurell K.

Hamilton has been doing it all along. In this book, not so much. Expect things like "his eyes blazed like liquid fire as his beast swam through his pupils, leaving soft, rolling ripples. The whole "embracing the beast" concept. Again, worked well in the Anita Blake series, simply looks like plagarizing here. Or should I say lust affair. Is there really any love there at all? She just seems to want him for his, well, you know.

I love you so much! Your body and soul! In the first book, she spiraled in and out of "Monere talk" really long, fancy-sounding words peppered into regular sentences and talking with an overwhelming amount of slang words. In this book, the author throws out both and just lets her talk like a human being. With some F-bombs thrown in as well.

The storyline. While it was not that strong, it seemed a little more put-together than the previous one. Mona Lisa Awakening just kind of threw in random things as it went along, such as having the Prince of Hell show up. This one seemed to have a little more flow. The actual conflict Mona Lisa vs. Mona Louisa was a little more pronounced. Was he just there to fill pages? The end of chapter seventeen. Enough said. Overall, I give this book a low three stars.


El florecer de Mona Lisa



El Florecer De Mona Lisa


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