Start your review of El llenguatge secret de les flors Write a review Recommends it for: those who liked "Raw Blue" by Kirsty Eagar Recommended to oliviasbooks by: Nomes Shelves: contemporary-fiction , e-version , family-grief-or-other-disasters , debut , adult-fiction The elegantly worded The Language of Flowers made me invest quite a lot during the first chapters, but gambled all my affection away later on. I will try to explain how this unceremonious drop around the middle of the story came to pass after introducing Victoria to you. A dark blotch on her white The elegantly worded The Language of Flowers made me invest quite a lot during the first chapters, but gambled all my affection away later on. A dark blotch on her white sheet of professional accomplishments: For Victoria has been a foundling baby, abandoned at an age that usually makes finding families willing to adopt an easy task. On the contrary: She does not use her final three months time in the transition home to hunt for a job and find a room. Hunger and cold do not drive her into wanting to change her homeless lifestyle, but fear of physical abuse does, when drunk men invade her fragile sanctuary at night.

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The lover was greatly pleased to have met a prison partner, for the beloved did not have many lovers like these. The lover was asked what honor is about. The beloved was asked about the love of his lover.

The lover was once in less presence of many men who had been excessively honored by his beloved, since they disgraced him in their thoughts. So then, Blanquerna was willing to make the Book of the Lover and the Belovedwhere the Lover would be the faithful and devoted Christian, and the beloved would be God. The lover was hearing words from his beloved which his intelligence saw him in, because his willpower felt pleasure in that hearing; and his memory remembered the virtues of his beloved, and his promises.

The lover was sick, and he made his will with advice from his beloved. The beloved created and the lover destroyed. The doors were opened by deity and humanity, and the lover came in to see ve beloved. The lover said that innate science comes from will, devotion, prayer; and acquired science comes from study, understanding.

The lover praised and loved his beloved for having created him and given everything to him; and he praised and loved him because he was pleased to have taken his resemblance and his nature.

The lover was in danger in the great sea of love, and he trusted his beloved, who came to his rescue with tribulations, thoughts, tears and plants, sighs and sorrows, since the sea was one of love and of honoring his principles.

Whereby, through these words, the lover llengiatge in his beloved eternal generation. The lover tempted love to see if he could keep his courage without remembering his beloved; and his heart ceased to think, and his eyes ceased to cry; and love was wiped out, and the lover remained puzzled, and he asked the people if they had seen love.

And through so brightened a cloud, the lover and lpenguatge beloved speak. The lover got drunk from wine, who remembered, understood, and loved the beloved. The lover was asked how he was aware of the sentence of his beloved. Booko: Comparing prices for El llenguatge secret de les flors He wept for the dishonor given to the beloved in the loveless death of that man, and asked that man why he was dying without love; and he said it was because nobody had taught him about love, and nobody had fed him to be a lover.

The lover was writing these words: The closer the lover came to the beloved, the more he was tormented by love, since he felt greater love. Let there be on your part piety, mercy, patience, humility and forgiveness, help and healing; let there be on my part contrition, perseverance, remembrance, with sighs, tears and weeping coming from your holy passion. The beloved adorns himself for his lover, with red, new clothes; and he extends his arms to be embraced, and he inclines his head to be kissed, and he stands high to be found by his lover.

Two thoughts were in the lover: The lover tasted sweets, and he perceived the bitterness in the temporal possessions, and in the entering and exiting from this world. He answered that in loving, since he hated so that he could love. The lover stayed awake, fasted, cried, gave charity, and went to strange lands to be able to move his will close to his beloved, and to enthuse his subjects to honor his principles. The beloved assured that it was the nature and property of his love llejguatge love everyone who loved him, and to have mercy of anyone who bore hardship for his love.

His beloved called on him to come close to him to be healed. The lover said to his beloved that many were the paths by which he came to his heart and he appeared in his eyes, and many were the names by which his words could call him; but the love that he enlivened him and mortified him with was lenguatge and only one.

Fault and worth were struggling in the conscience and will of the lover; and justice and remembrance multiplied conscience; and mercy and hopefulness multiplied prosperity in the will of the beloved. The lover asked his beloved to pay him for the time he had served him. Related Articles.


‘El llenguatge secret de les flors’, secrets i sentiments d’una jove de divuit anys



El llenguatge secret de les flors






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