Social Theology Feminist Theology. Literature Theology Apocrypha and Pseu It is thought that she was murdered around 24 May Only 3 left in stock more on the way. The author, whose etnst were shaped by the agonies of serving as a pastor during the Hitler years in Germany as well as by the erhst of years of careful research in the area of Christian origins, provides here a survey that gets to the heart of the New Testament message. Visit our Enduring Standards page to see some of our perennially best-selling backlist kasenann.

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He obtained his PhD in New Testament at the University of Marburg in , having written a dissertation on Pauline ecclesiology , with Rudolf Bultmann as his doctoral supervisor.

During the autumn of he spent a few weeks in Gestapo detention for publicly supporting communist miners. During , he completed his habilitation , which qualified him to teach at German universities; his dissertation was on the New Testament Epistle to the Hebrews. He returned to his theological work in after several years in the army and as a prisoner of war. Put simply, what is historically reliable about Jesus can be deduced from material about Jesus which is neither plausible in a first-century Jewish nor an early Christian context.

In addition to this, he proposed additional criteria, such as multiple attestation does a particular story or saying of Jesus appear in independent traditions? Indeed, he famously described apocalypticism as "the mother of Christian theology". It is thought that she was murdered around 24 May London, SCM, New Testament questions of today. Jesus means freedom: a polemical survey of the New Testament. Perspectives on Paul. Commentary on Romans. The Wandering People of God. Minneapolis, Augsburg, On Being a Disciple of the Crucified Nazarene.

Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, Zahl, Paul F M Calwer Verlag. Osborn, E F Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, pages —


Ernst Käsemann

Ernst Kasemann, an active member of the Confessing Church This is a book which grew out of the white-hot anger of a man who saw freedom of thought within the church, reason and common sense, and above all the effectiveness of the church in its influence on society endangered by the reactionary pressures of a movement which thrived on superficial slogans and emotionalism. Ernst Kasemann, an active member of the Confessing Church during the Second World War, a New Testament scholar of great distinction, and a noted pastor, was himself the subject of personal attacks in his native Germany. In defence of himself and his beliefs he wrote a small book. It sold out with a speed second only to Honest to God. A new revised edition was published. That too sold out quickly.


Jesus Means Freedom

Subscribe to our mailing list. The New Testament was not formed in the same way as a police officer gathers evidence from a crime scene, or how a detective analyzes police reports to solve a crime. Consequently, the events in the gospels and their ordering were invented for narrative purposes at the latest stage in the formation of the gospels, so the gospels cannot be used to establish to prove the historicity of the original events or their chronological ordering or their geographical occurrences. The Synoptic Gospels as we have them today are the product of a tradition which was at least forty years in process of formation and the material of which is composed of very small units. At first it was individual sayings and isolated stories which were handed on; later, these were collected together probably for preaching purposes; this made it possible for the Evangelists, in a third and final stage, to set the appearances of Jesus on earth within a framework of space and time. From this standpoint it becomes comprehensible that this tradition, or at least the overwhelming mass of it, cannot be called authentic. Only a few words of the Sermon on the Mount and of the conflict with the Pharisees, a number of parables and some scattered material of various kinds go back with any real degree of probability to the Jesus of history himself.



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