It seems to be the binned version of with some new features like higher resolution camera support. You can learn more about the transistor densities of fabrication technologies here. This chip has 8 cores divided into two clusters with 2 powerful Cortex-A73 cores and 6 power-efficient Cortex-A53 Cores. It has a dual-core Mali-G71 Graphics Processor which delivers good gaming performance. The integrated modem is pretty fast as well with maximum download speeds up to Mbps. Samsung has also included the support for the latest Bluetooth version 5.

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So, keep that in mind while we compare these chips. Timing is very important here. Qualcomm S4 Qualcomm had a great because of the Nexus One which made its Snapdragon chip based on the Scorpion architecture very popular.

Their market share actually expanded in because of the inertia they got from That looks like it might change a bit, at least in the first half of , but mainly when just compared to other dual-core processors. Apple has already started a trend with bigger chips, with the A5 chip being about twice as large as a Tegra 2, and having a huge GPU on die, for example, which is why it was so much better than the other GPUs. However, unless the difference is significant, it might not be noticeable because of all the other factors that influence power consumption e.

One other way the S4 manages to save power is by having its 2 cores asynchronous. A dual-core, 1. The difference is a little smaller compared to Cortex A9 chips, which have 2.

Plus, Krait is getting the same fully out-of-order architecture that Cortex A9 has been benefiting from for a while now, and which Scorpion has been lacking. Out-of-order execution means the CPU will execute the instructions as they arrive, without following a strict order. This cuts down some processing delay, so it makes the CPUs perform better. So, in , we should see ARM chips that not only outperform Atom but also use less power.

The only problem is, Adreno will probably not arrive until second half of , but when it does, it should be pretty competitive with the other GPUs out there. This led to a situation where only one or two months later, we saw similar dual-core chips from competitors that were already surpassing Tegra 2 in many areas—including CPU, GPU, and video playback performance. This is something everyone is doing: Qualcomm with its dual-core, 1.

It releases a more powerful tablet chip first, and then about months later, it releases the more-optimized, lower-performance smartphone chip. But, as it is now, that whole schedule got pushed back by a few months. However, the structure should remain more or less the same. This companion chip is meant to handle most of the easy low-performance tasks and keep the more powerful cores idle until they need to handle more intensive tasks, like browsing, gaming, more advanced apps, and so on.

But, so far, this is all theory. This will get interesting if it ships at the same time as the Exynos dual-core, 1. If it arrives near mid year, it might not be so interesting anymore, as even a dual-core, 1. But, this depends a lot on implementation and how the device will be used. Cortex M3 will be used for 2D animations, touch interaction, and other low-end multimedia tasks.

Texas Instruments promises a 2. But, as I said in the beginning, that is not such bad news if it comes much earlier than the others, and this chip should arrive very soon, either very early in , or even end of By the time Qualcomm releases its dual-core, 1. As I said, timing matters a lot, too. Exynos Power Consumption The power consumption of the dual core 1.

Wrap-up What, then, is the best chip of them all? I would definitely get a Kal-El tablet over anything else out there. It will also be the best chip at multi-tasking because of all its cores. Could it really have made a five-core chip at 40 nm that uses less power than a dual-core nm or nm processor?


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