The action was an attempt to secure weapons to support the movement to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Arrested and sentenced to fifteen years in prison, Fidel Castro offered a four-hour speech in the defense of the movement he led. It later was published as a manifesto of the July 26th Movement that successfully overthrew the Batista government and took power in The speech called for rather modest reforms, such as a reinstatement of the Cuban constitution, rights of industrial and sugar workers to a share of company profits, and moderate land reform. It is considered an early declaration of the goals of the Cuban Revolution. We have significantly abridged the speech for this website.

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Start your review of History Will Absolve Me Write a review Shelves: l-america-and-caribian , non-fiction , speeches A great tip for political aspirants towards the end. The speech was made public by pages that his wife help him smuggle out of prision. A lot of it is listing cruelties of then ruling tyrant. And the then tyrant, Batista, was in fact cruel. Moreover he had A great tip for political aspirants towards the end. Moreover he had turned Cube into an economic colony of US, all major industrial holdings belonged to Americans as Castro pointed out.

Cubans despite having one of most gifted lands were none the better for it. Castro, when he will later became tyrant, though cruel to anyone opposing him did far more for the underdogs. Then there are all the great things he claims the revolutionary government would have done if they had come to power. A large section, though, of his speech was as to how the tyranny of Batista was anti-constitutional.

But he himself will become a dictator once the revolution becomes successful. Unlike politicians, his reasoning is not so screwed and he could be funny too. He was definitely better than last tyrant and popular in his own country. Castro turned to Russia for aid, and having a nuclear enemy in their neighbor added incentive of paranoia to financial incentive for US government and hence the history.

Rather it is about US paranoia. The rest of review is for political aspirants, no one else will be benifitted from reading it. So please ignore. The speech has nothing unusual about it. It is like speeches made by most of those who have rose to power in recent times - all you need is people who are unhappy and frustrated at their present lives, any such people are basically mobs and mobs are easily manipulated by the oldest trick in the book.

The trick also works if you are already a ruler and want to stay popular. What matters is you tell them they will be serving a higher cause by hating these scrapegoats, call the hatred highest form of nationalism read the speech to find example, Castro was a natural And they will take care of rest.

As long as you keep giving people something to punch about, they will love you. So, some freedom fighters were successful, justly, to rebel against colonial governments who deserved the anger. Except for colonial governments and corrupt or draconian home governments, all other scrpaegoats are unjust. Guys like Hitler used minorities. Another popular option is enemy country - American presidents are experts at this one, attacking and thus creating a new enemy to protect their presidentship.

I am seeing both these cases happening in my country Read it here:.


'History will absolve me'

In October , Castro defended himself in this speech in the courts after he led the attack on the Moncada Barracks. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a republic. It had its constitution, its laws, its civil rights, a president, a congress and courts of law. Everyone could assemble, associate, speak and write with complete freedom.


Will History Absolve Fidel Castro?

Will History Absolve Fidel Castro? It does not matter. Somewhere in his intellectual development — his own accounts of when varied over the years — he decided that the only road leading to these goals was socialism. He kept that insight to himself as he led a nationalist, anti-authoritarian revolution to triumph over the Batista regime in He purged Cuba of U.

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