Important information. Refer to manual. Conforms to relevant European Union directives. Pressure Do not dispose of this product as unsorted municipal waste. Conforms to relevant Australian standards. Voltage transients should not exceed volts for the CAT I applications where this product is used.

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Input Units impaired. Safety Information XW Warning To avoid possible electric shock or personal injury: Never apply more than 30 V between the mA terminals, or between either of the mA terminals and earth ground. CAT I equipment is designed to protect against transient from high-voltage, low-energy sources, such as electronic circuits or a copy machine Remove the test leads from the Calibrator before you open the battery door.

Page 12 Series Users Manual Table 2. Safety Information cont. XW Warning To avoid false readings, which could lead to possible electric shock or personal injury, replace the battery as soon as the battery indicator appears. To avoid a violent release of pressure in a pressurized system, shut off the valve and slowly bleed off the pressure before you attach or detach the internal pressure sensor or pressure module fitting to the pressure line.

Hazardous voltage. Risk of electric Hold in shock. The Calibrator Pressure measurement displays pressure and current measurements simultaneously. See Figure 2. The upper part of the display shows the applied pressure or vacuum. Pushbutton Functions Pushbutton Description Press to select a different pressure unit. All units are available when the pressure sensor input is used.

For higher pressure module inputs, inappropriate out-of-range units are not available. Press on while pressing to source loop voltage. Note Apply pressure with the pump slowly until the switch opens.

This can be barometric pressure, if it is accurately known, for all but the PA3 module. An accurate pressure standard can also apply a pressure within range for any Absolute Pressure Module. Pump In vacuum mode, decrease pressure on The internal pump can also be used with certain Fluke the outward stroke. Series Pressure Modules. In this case, pressure measured by the Pressure Module is displayed by the Calibrator. ONLY the pressure module measurement. Internal Pressure Sensor with Internal Pump Pressure Module with Internal Pump Using a small screwdriver, remove the two valve Reinstall the retention caps and gently tighten the retention caps located in the oval shaped opening on cap.

Use a Fluke Pressure Module connected to the pressure module input on the Calibrator. Pressure modules are listed in Table. Pressure Module with External Pump Refer to Table 7 for appropriate unit and range compatibility.

A calibration manual is available PN Remove test leads before opening. Refer to Figure 8. XW Warning To avoid false readings, which could lead to possible electric shock or personal injury, replace the batteries as soon as the battery indicator appears. Table 8. Replacement Parts cont. Replacement Parts Page 36 Series Users Manual This manual is also suitable for:.


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Fluke 718Ex 100G Manuals


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