Mazuzil If it does not cover what you want then you can have a look at the fixtures in Fixture Creator and try majual add that functionality yourself. Yes we did, so now all we have to do is create the control part of this fixture the bit that controls the strobe and the dimmer. Notice how the picture and the name appear in the columns next to freestylef DMX Value. You might be asking why I have set the channel values of the strobe and dimmer intensity to 1 and 2 respectively as this is meant to be an 11 channel fixture.

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No audio needed by FS. For me this is more than enough. I dont use special shows for special songs. So, be my guest, add anything you like! Is it possible to add different DMX software support other than Freestyler? It has midi trigger as long as linein trigger, but the CBG input would be just awesome.

Posted Mon 08 Nov 10 pm PRO Infinity Member since If I understand this correctly, you would program a certain number of scenes into a chase within freestyler.

Hard to say how many without seeing what sort of drain on system resources it causes. SBDJ, you are probably the only one who would know that at the moment. I can imagine situations where you might use many more than twenty. Theoretically, you could program a whole theatre or exhibition show using the cue points on the music within vdj. I know thats not the initial goal, but just thinking of the future.

I choose whatever number allows me to get my hands on it the quickest - haha ; Posted Mon 08 Nov 10 pm PRO Infinity Member since Let me do some load testing and see what I can sort.

I was doing my testing with 99 per track as an example.

LEY 26682 PDF

DMX Software

Adding and removing fixtures to FreeStyler 3. I had to do some complex mapping though since it has only 4 faders and 4 knobs and I needed more Hm is it the APC40? So my wish is to use my manual light controller for certain tracks. So, stop questioning whether a computer based solution with or without an external controller attached is better than a stand-alone hardware only solution.


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