Measures memory and learning in older adults. Paula Altman Fuld, Ph. Age Range: Adults, years Time: Approximately 15 minutes, individual administration The Fuld Object-Memory Evaluation allows the examiner to evaluate memory and learning under conditions that virtually guarantee attention and minimize anxiety. It eliminates questions about the effects of poor vision, hearing, language handicaps, cultural differences or inattention because the procedure guarantees attention even under adverse testing conditions. The test was developed with hundreds of aged adults, nursing home residents and community active people, for whom norms are provided.

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Appl Neuropsychol Adult 10;20 1 Epub Sep The Fuld Object-Memory Evaluation FOME uses multisensory tactile, visual, and verbal encoding of objects for assessing memory, with particular clinical and research application in older adults. This preliminary study reports the first known psychometric data on the development of an alternate form of the FOME. Data were drawn from independent-living older adults participating in a larger clinical trial.

Seventy participants completed three versions of the shortened administration of the FOME, and comparability of forms was established by significant, moderate intraclass correlation coefficients for immediate and delayed recall scores. Reliable change indexes indicate the new alternate form performs well, with minimal practice or learning effects. Results of this preliminary study provide evidence for the comparability and construct validity of a new alternate form of the FOME with prior forms.

An additional well-validated form of the FOME has practical implications for serial testing often required in clinical practice and research design.

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Mini-Mental Examination norms in a community-dwelling sample of elderly with low schooling in Brazil. The fuld object-memory evaluation: development and validation of an alternate form. A practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician. This combination proved useful to improve the screening of mild to moderate dementia in low educated older people 9. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 4th ed.


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