It was pure flow, and I and others could have continued in the receiving mode without objection, it being so very inspiring and deepening in us. Thank you again for an extraordinary weekend. We love and bless you and Cindy, and affirm you will continue to answer the call that will feed the many who hunger for what you share so wonderfully. Renard is the A Course in Miracles speaker and author in highest demand today.

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Looking into The Future Notes on Raising The Dead Foreword excerpt When Gary Renard contacted me about getting a professional assessment of the manuscript that would become this book, my initial responses were perfectly sensible.

First, when Gary told me that his manuscript was , words long, I told him that no publisher in his right mind would produce such a book in one volume. That much I could tell him without even seeing the manuscript. In almost two decades of working as a journalist, reviewer, editor, and publisher in the field of alternative spirituality, I had seen more piles of such dreck than I cared to remember.

Wherefore, they either write this down or cause it to be written, and it turns out to be nothing, and to have the substance of no virtue, and it serves only to encourage them in vanity. As bizarre as his story appeared on the surface, it was nonetheless surprisingly readable, even captivating. In fact, his otherworldly companions ribbed him mercilessly about being a slacker and a smart ass, although they also gave him a lot of caring encouragement about the spiritual discipline in which they were urging him along.

It was also possible that Gary contacted me because he had an unconscious recognition of our psychological similarities.

While I am by no means a slacker like Mr. While there has been a handful of very successful books relying on Course principles for their primary appeal, the most popular ones have also been the most diluted, and often blended with more palatable notions of the New Age and self-help variety. Whatever they were and wherever they came from, Arten and Pursah were clearly not shills for the latest vapid Enlightenment-in-a-Weekend workshop As Arten and Pursah might say: Have fun!

While living in a rural area of Maine I was witness to a series of in-the-flesh appearances by two ascended masters named Pursah and Arten, who eventually identified their previous incarnations as including those of Saint Thomas and Saint Thaddaeus. Despite popular myth, those lifetimes as two of the original disciples were not their final ones.

My visitors did not come forth in order to repeat some of the spiritual platitudes that many people may already believe. Rather, they revealed no less than the secrets of the universe, discussed the true purpose of life, spoke in detail about The Gospel of Thomas, and bluntly clarified the principles of an astounding spiritual document that is spreading throughout the world to usher in a new way of thinking that will become more prevalent in the new millennium. It is not essential for you to believe these appearances took place in order to derive benefits from the information in this book.

However, I can vouch for the extreme unlikeliness of this book being written by an uneducated layman such as myself without inspiration by these masters.

I personally believe that The Disappearance of the Universe can be helpful, time-saving reading for any open-minded person who is on a spiritual path. After you experience this message, it may be impossible for you — as it was for me — ever to look at your life or think of the universe the same way again. The following text relates events that occurred from December of through December of the year Please be advised that I did not substantially change this dialogue even though it was difficult for me to review this material and tolerate some of the immature and judgmental things I said over the span of time covered by this book.

Looking back, I realized that it was only during the later chapters that I was truly practicing forgiveness. Even though there are statements made by the masters in these pages that may appear to be harsh or critical in their printed form, I can witness that their attitude should always be taken to include gentleness, humor, humility and love.

As an analogy, a good parent sometimes knows it is necessary for children to be firmly corrected in a manner they can understand, but the motivation behind the correction is positive in nature. So if these discussions appear to get a little rough it should be remembered that for my benefit, Arten and Pursah are deliberately speaking to me in a way I can grasp, with the purpose of gradually bringing me along toward the goal of their teaching.

I was told by Pursah that their style was designed to get me to pay attention. Perhaps that says it all Gary R. Renard Arten and Pursah Appear excerpt During Christmas week of , I realized that the circumstances of my life and my state of mind had been slowly improving for about a year. At the previous Christmas, things had not been going well at all. Then I had been deeply troubled by the apparent scarcity in my life. Although I had been successful as a professional musician, I had not managed to save much money.

I was struggling in my new career as a stock market trader, and I was in the process of suing a friend and former business partner whom I felt had treated me unfairly. Meanwhile, I was still in the process of recovering from a bankruptcy four years earlier — the result of impatience, reckless spending and seemingly good investments gone bad. Suddenly, something shifted deep within me. For thirteen years I had been on a spiritual search during which I had learned a great deal without really taking the time to apply my lessons, but now a new certainty swept over me.

Things have got to change, I thought. I wrote to the friend I was suing and informed him that I was dropping my legal action in order to start removing conflict from my life. He called and thanked me, and we began to rebuild our friendship.

Eventually I would learn that this same kind of scenario, in different forms, had played itself out thousands of times in the previous few decades as some people in conflict had begun a process of laying down their weapons and surrendering to a greater wisdom within themselves.

Then I began trying to activate forgiveness and love, as I understood them at the time, in the situations that confronted me on any given day. I had some good results and some very tough difficulties, especially when someone pushed my buttons in just the right or wrong way. But at least I felt like I was beginning to change direction. During this period I began noticing little flashes of light out of the corner of my eye, or occurring around certain objects.

These crystal clear light flashes did not take up my entire field of vision, but were concentrated on particular areas. Through this year of change I regularly prayed to Jesus, the prophet of wisdom whom I admired more than anyone else, to help me. I felt a mysterious connection to Jesus, and in my prayers I often told him how I wished that I could go back two thousand years and be a follower of his, so I could know what it was really like to learn from him in person.

Then, during that Christmas week of , something most unusual happened while I was meditating in my living room in a rural area of Maine. I was all alone because I worked at home and my wife, Karen, commuted to Lewiston.

We had no children and thus I enjoyed a very quiet environment, except for the occasional barking of our dog, Nupey. As my mind drifted back from my meditation, I opened my eyes and was stunned to see that I was not alone. With my mouth open but no sound coming out, I stared across the room at a man and a woman sitting on my couch, looking directly at me with gentle smiles and lucid, penetrating eyes. There was nothing threatening about them; in fact, they looked extraordinarily peaceful, which I found reassuring.

Looking back on the event I would wonder why I had not been more fearful, given that these very solid-looking people had apparently materialized out of nowhere.

The two people looked to be in their thirties and very healthy. Their clothing was stylish and contemporary. There was no illumination or glowing aura around them. One could have spotted them in a restaurant eating dinner and not given them a second thought. Noticing this, the woman spoke first. I can see you are astonished, but not really afraid. I am Pursah and this is our brother, Arten.

We are appearing to you as symbols whose words will help facilitate the disappearance of the universe. I say we are symbols because anything that appears to take on a form is symbolic. The only true reality is God or pure spirit, which in Heaven are synonymous, and God and pure spirit have no form. Thus there is no concept of male or female in Heaven. Any form, including your own body, that is experienced in the false universe of perception must, by definition, be symbolic of something else.

Why would God not want you to make any images of Him? Moses thought the idea was to get rid of pagan idolatry. GARY: Do you want to run that by me again? You asked Jesus for help. You wanted to know what it was like to be there with him two thousand years ago. If you want to be handled with kid gloves then go to a theme park. You will also learn both the cause of this situation and the way out of it.

So, what do you say? A fine qualification for a student, another one being the desire to learn In helping you we will not be giving you the so-called wisdom of the ages that your contemporary spiritual wizards are so fond of. You will learn instead that most of what the world thinks of as the wisdom of the ages is actually full of it. You will learn that babies are not born with a clean slate or a natural tendency to focus on love and are then corrupted by the world, and you will find that if you are to return to God then you have some work to do — not work in the world, but with your thoughts.

During most of this it will appear to you that we are making judgments, a lot of them. His judgment is sound, and leads to God. Your judgment is poor, and leads you back here, again and again. PURSAH: During our exchanges you will also find out what you really are, how you got here, exactly why you and all other people behave and feel the way that you do, why the universe keeps repeating the same patterns over and over again, why people get sick, the reason behind all failure, accidents, addictions and natural disasters, the real cause of all of the violence, crime, war and terrorism in the world, the only meaningful solution to all of these things and how to apply it.

GARY: If you can tell me all that, you win a prize. GARY: Heaven? You have heard that the truth shall set you free. You have heard that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. That is also true, but nobody tells you how to get there. If they did, would you listen? We will point you toward the water, but you will only drink it if you are ready for a spirituality that, like the truth, is not of this universe.

One of the fundamental differences between the teachings of J and the teachings of the world is this: The teachings of the world are the product of a split, unconscious mind. Once you have that you have compromise, and once you have compromise you no longer have the truth.

You will not find compromise with us, and you will not always like it. There is something much better to feel good about. Our intention now is to help you find yours After a year and four months of almost constant dedication and attention, I managed to complete all of the Workbook Lessons. Both are necessary to understand and apply the Course; neither is complete without the other. The Workbook, however, has a more practical feature to it.


The Disappearance of the Universe




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