Verranno inoltre presentati i concetti di base di genetica di popolazione e della genetica dei tumori. Analisi genetica a livello di popolazione. Consapevolezza della natura probabilistica delle predizioni riguardanti la trasmissione dei caratteri alla discendenza. Al termine del corso, lo studente deve aver compreso con chiarezza i seguenti concetti: Genetica di popolazione 8 ore Popolazione mendeliana e pool genico. Legge di Hardy-Weinberg: definizione, calcolo delle frequenze alleliche e genotipiche, esempi e problemi. Equilibrio mutazione-selezione.

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Exome sequencing and Whole genome sequencing. Presentation of the problem. Assessment method The assessment of the knowledge will be carried out by a written exam at the end of the course. Esempi di applicazione a scopi biotecnologici.

A multistep design for a powerful and cost-effective GWAS. General admission requirements Application procedure A. Il corso prevede lezioni frontali in cui vengono presentati gli argomenti previsti dal programma. The evaluation of the written exam: Most of what the student needs to know for their preparation to the exam can be downloaded from this website.

Genetic screens to identify positive extragenic suppressors, high dose suppressors and negative synthetic lethality interactions between genes. All projected teaching material is made available to mo,ecolare on the e-learning platform as pdf files.

The oral examination will aim to test the knowledge and ability of understanding of the various topics covered during the lessons and to highlight the ability of the zsnichelli to make connections between topics. For all enquires regarding the credits held by Prof. Enrolment methods Manual enrolments Self enrolment Student. Polimorfismi del DNA ed individuazione dei geni malattia.

Arrangements for academic guidance Learning services and facilities Part-time employment for students Language courses Facilities for special needs students Certification of disabilities Sport facilities Insurance Financial support for students Students associations. This course, aimed at students of an advanced degree in Biology, deals with molecular characterization, organization and regulation of the human nuclear and mitochondrial genome.

Highly compatibility programs are guaranteed for 3 consecutive years. Identification of mutant variants. Orario di ricevimento Lunedi Telomeric Minisatellitesmulticopy genes functional RNAs, duplicated genes, pseudogenes, processed pseudogenes. Just get an appointment by e-mail: Telomeric homeostasis and aging. Mutation mapping and gene cloning techniques.

What information can we understand? The forces shaping allele frequencies in populations. Home Information on degree programmes.

Potenziali applicazioni biotecnologiche nel campo della diagnostica e della terapia farmacologica es. Skip to main content.

However, examples of questions proposed at the molwcolare in the context of the proposed articles can be obtained in this link: The exam concerns the most up to date program. The assessment of the knowledge molecplare be carried out by a written exam at the end of the course. Use these links for subscribing and verifying the votes: Mechanisms of DNA damage tolerance: After the human genome project: Salta al contenuto principale.

The test has a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. PDF for the written exam. Prerequisites Prerequisites are not foreseen. The example of Kbps inversion polymorphisms within 17q Example of the calculation of the LOD score in two families and use of the LOD score for locating the genomic region associated carrying the disease-gene.

Genetic diseases in man: Mutagenesi casuale e sito specifica. Detecting the minimal overlapping region for narrowing the region of interest associated with de novo or inherited conditions. Identification of the candidate region by the use of ENU-mutagenized mice. Genetic screens after spontaneous or induced mutagenesis for the identification of mutants.

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Esempi di applicazione a scopi biotecnologici su organismi microbici. The course will be carried out with the aid of slides. Introduction to case-control association studies. Infine, verranno descritti approcci di genetica classica per la produzione di specie animali e vegetali di interesse biotecnologico.


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Irregular coverage of the genome. Meccanisimi di tolleranza delle lesioni al DNA: Potential biotechnological applications in the field of diagnostics and drug therapy eg chemotherapy. Identification of the candidate region by the use of ENU-mutagenized mice. Target Exchange students Prospective students Visiting scholars. Office hours Monday 2.

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