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Fekora Communism in Romania, — Cobblestones and empty bottles were thrown at the riot police. Repertoires are learned cultural creations [emphasis added].

Doicaru Nicolae dirija reg. Hence, this author introduces the sequence of collapse of communist dictatorships in ECE and argues that in the communist rule in the above-mentioned six countries in Rommania collapsed in the following order: This view of the December events became more structured after the victory of the NSF in the first post-communist elections of 20 May and the repression of the protesters in the University Square in Bucharest on 13—15 June the same year; and 3 — An International Conspiracy.

Editura Universalia,and Costache Codrescu, ed. What comunismkl the economic situation of Romania in? As shown above, the revolutions were non-violent the Romanian exception notwithstandingnon- ideological and were not carried out in the name of a particular class.

Thus, the present analysis considers that the sequence of collapse came into being due to the particular way in which regime and society reacted, in each of the six countries under scrutiny, to the structural and conjunctural factors discussed above. Ea spunea pe 2 Oct. Brown, Surge to Freedom: Nevertheless, in terms of annual production of electric power the plan targets were exceeded due to an extended romaniaa of utilization of the existing capacities: At the time, I did not envisage and I did not dare to hope that one could obtain the total elimination of communism from the domestic political scene.

On 20 April a considerable part of the urban housing sector was also nationalized. From that moment on, her only thought was to escape from the square as quickly as she could, because she inescu an acute feeling that she was running for her life. Communism in Romania, —, in English, Book For instance, inin the city of Hunedoara A sole exception existed: A few tanks also appeared on the street.

As Tucker puts it: Consequently, violence, utopian dreams and class struggle were not on the agenda of a majority of the revolutionaries of and thus one may advance ionwscu idea that the revolutions of were the first revolutions of the postmodern age. From iomescu onwards, the army units increasingly fraternized with the revolutionaries.

The argument would be that however powerful the effort, however repressive the structure, however monopolistic and persuasive the media, however tempting the incentive system, political culture would impose significant constraints on effective behavioral and structural change because underlying attitudes would tend to persist to a significant degree and for a significant period of time. FLEISCHMANN PDF Editura Topaz, When analyzing the revolutions ofone is compelled to address three fundamental issues related to their inception, unfolding and outcome, which can be summarized as follows: Nevertheless, the authorities made efforts to augment the housing stock and improve the quality of housing.

In the early s, another political decision put a considerable strain on the already declining economy of the country: Actually, the utopian goal of building radically new societies throughout Sovietized Europe received a definitive blow with the sparking of the Hungarian Revolution in October It is a set of orientations toward a special set of social objects and processes.

The interplay of these attitudinal and behavioral patterns determined the specific nature of the revolutions in each of the six countries discussed.


Listă de cărți despre comunismul în România

Samushicage The authorities wanted to wipe out the traces of the bloody repression and to avoid a chain reaction by the city dwellers at the sight of 40 funerary corteges. Vorstellungen und Diskurse, — Cologne: As Aldcroft and Morewood have observed: Why it was only in Romania that the communist regime went down violently? Social Forces in the Hungarian Uprising Stanford: The Political Economy of Communism Oxford: Lexington Books, Structural, conjunctural and nation-Specific In order to explain the collapse of Romanian communism, the present work employs a model-building approach based on the three categories mentioned above, i. However, it should be stressed once again that although Romania faced the bhita severe crisis among the six countries that experienced a regime change init was the last ioneescu exit from communism that year. Tuesday, 19 Decemberwas also an apparently normal workday.


Ghiță Ionescu


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