History[ edit ] A series of concerts, lectures and recitals called the Glastonbury Festivals was established with a summer school in the town of Glastonbury between and by classical composer Rutland Boughton — , and with their location attracted a bohemian audience by the standards of the time. Organiser Michael Eavis decided to host the first festival, then called Pilton Festival, after seeing an open-air concert headlined by Led Zeppelin at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music at the nearby Bath and West Showground in The original headline acts were The Kinks and Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders but these acts were replaced at short notice by Tyrannosaurus Rex, later known as T. The festival featured the first incarnation of the "Pyramid Stage". Conceived by Bill Harkin the stage was a one-tenth replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza built from scaffolding and metal sheeting and positioned over a blind spring which was found by dowsing. It was paid for by its supporters and advocates of its ideal, and embraced a mediaeval tradition of music, dance, poetry, theatre, lights, and spontaneous entertainment.

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Geography[ edit ] Street and Glastonbury Tor viewed from Walton Hill The walk up the Tor to the distinctive tower at the summit the partially restored remains of an old church is rewarded by vistas of the mid-Somerset area, including the Levels which are drained marshland.

It is an agricultural region typically with open fields of permanent grass, surrounded by ditches with willow trees. Access to the moors and Levels is by "droves" , i. The low-lying areas are underlain by much older Triassic age formations of Upper Lias sand that protrude to form what would once have been islands and include Glastonbury Tor. This optical phenomenon occurs because rays of light are strongly bent when they pass through air layers of different temperatures in a steep thermal inversion where an atmospheric duct has formed.

Morgan le Fay was described as a powerful sorceress and antagonist of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the Arthurian legend. At the time of King Arthur the Brue formed a lake just south of the hilly ground on which Glastonbury stands. This lake is one of the locations suggested by Arthurian legend as the home of the Lady of the Lake.

Pomparles Bridge stood at the western end of this lake, guarding Glastonbury from the south, and it is suggested that it was here that Sir Bedivere threw Excalibur into the waters after King Arthur fell at the Battle of Camlann.

This route made it difficult for the officials of Glastonbury Abbey to transport produce from their outlying estates to the abbey, and when the valley of the River Axe was in flood it backed up to flood Glastonbury itself. Some time between and a new channel was constructed westwards into Meare Pool north of Meare , and further westwards to Mark Moor.

Bird species living on the site include the bearded tit and the bittern. The confluence of the two small streams that make the Whitelake River is on Worthy Farm, the site of the Glastonbury Festival , between the small villages of Pilton and Pylle. Climate[ edit ] Along with the rest of South West England , Glastonbury has a temperate climate which is generally wetter and milder than the rest of the country. Seasonal temperature variation is less extreme than most of the United Kingdom because of the adjacent sea temperatures.

Most the rainfall in the south-west is caused by Atlantic depressions or by convection. Most of the rainfall in autumn and winter is caused by the Atlantic depressions, which is when they are most active. In summer, a large proportion of the rainfall is caused by sun heating the ground leading to convection and to showers and thunderstorms.

About 8—15 days of snowfall is typical. November to March have the highest mean wind speeds, and June to August have the lightest winds. The predominant wind direction is from the south-west. As with many towns of similar size, the centre is not as thriving as it once was but Glastonbury supports a large number of alternative shops. The outskirts of the town contain a DIY shop, a former sheepskin and slipper factory site, once owned by Morlands , which is slowly being redeveloped.

As part of the redevelopment of the site a project has been established by the Glastonbury Community Development Trust to provide support for local unemployed people applying for employment, starting in self-employment and accessing work-related training. The museum is run by the Glastonbury Antiquarian Society. It has been designated as a Grade I listed building. Above the right of centre entrance are 3 carved panels with arms of the Abbey and Edward IV. Threshing and winnowing would also have been carried out in the barn, which was built from local "shelly" limestone with thick timbers supporting the stone tiling of the roof.

The natural spring has been in almost constant use for at least two thousand years. Iron oxide deposits give the water a reddish hue, as dissolved ferrous oxide becomes oxygenated at the surface and is precipitated, providing chalybeate waters. As with the hot springs in nearby Bath , the water is believed to possess healing qualities. The well is about 9 feet 2. As such, it is a popular destination for pilgrims in search of the divine feminine, including modern Pagans.

The well is however popular with all faiths and in became a World Peace Garden. Whilst the waters of the Chalice Well are touched red with iron, the water of the latter is white with calcite. Both springs rise from caverns underneath the Tor and it is claimed that both have healing in their flow. Around that time, an outbreak of cholera in the area caused great concern and the natural caves were dug out, and a stone collection chamber was constructed to ensure the flow of a quality water supply.

Study of the flow of water into the collection chamber has shown that the builders also tapped into other springs, besides the White Spring and judging from the high iron content of one of these springs, it appears that a small offshoot of Chalice Well finds its way under Well House Lane to emerge beside the White Spring.

After lying derelict for many years, the water board sold off the well house, which is now maintained by a group of volunteers as a "water temple". Opened in as Glastonbury, and renamed in , it had three platforms, two for Evercreech to Highbridge services and one for the branch service to Wells. The station had a large goods yard controlled from a signal box. Replica level crossing gates have been placed at the entrance.

There are convenient bus connections between Glastonbury and the railway stations at Bristol Temple Meads over an hour travelling time and at Taunton. The main road in the town is the A39 which passes through Glastonbury from Wells connecting the town with Street and the M5 motorway.

The other roads around the town are small and run across the levels generally following the drainage ditches. Education[ edit ] There are several infant and primary schools in Glastonbury and the surrounding villages. In , the school had students between the ages of 11 and 16 years. Tor School is a pupil referral unit based on Beckery New Road, which caters for year old students who have been excluded from mainstream education, or who have been referred for medical reasons.

The college also provides some university-level courses,.


Glastonbury reveal 2019 festival map showing new additions

Somerset Former Somerset glaeto finds happiness in guide dogs after being clinically depressed She says she often spent days in her pyjamas. Glastonbury dwarfs the Reading festival site. Things to do in Somerset 10 best winter walks in and around Somerset: Die hard Glasto fans have already been pointing out some changes to the layout of Worthy Farm in But it does not, of course, take account of the conditions under foot or quantity of Thatchers consumed so take it under advisement. Theere will be lots of new things to explore. Somerset Father and son ask Google for help after finding object resembling an unexploded bomb on beach. Somerset News Police warn of teenage boys caught on CCTV trying car doors and looking into houses Police have urged people to ensure all windows and doors are locked at night. Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Enter email Subscribe.


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