Refer to Sorting and Loading pages Scroll through the cycles until the one you want is lit. This ensures the lid cannot be opened during hazardous parts of the cycle, providing If the lid is left open, added safety for you and your family. Select the wash cycle, temperature, water level and spin speed Refer to Page 6. During soak your Smart Drive will agitate for a few seconds every minute.

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Page Readings From Module March Page Detailed Fault Codes March Primary Source: Motor Controller module. Page 25 Option Adjustment mode. Page 26 March Check bowl is fully pumped out. Remove pressure tube from pressure sensor, clear pressure tube of any water and reconnect tube. If fault is still present, replace the Motor Controller module. Display Module Phase 1 Phase 1 to 6 - Flood Protection Error The Motor Controller module has found the water level to be above the flood level and tried to pump the excess water out.

Page 27 March Replace the Display Module. Note: If Smartdrive is running at well below its rated supply voltage and the pump has operated for more than 4 seconds at the voltage this fault will also appear.

Replace Display Module if the valve coils are not faulty. Page 29 March Phase 1 to 6 - Pump Blocked Error No change in the water level While draining, the water level reading from the pressure sensor has not changed for over 3 minutes. There are three likely reasons for this fault.

One is that the drain hose or the pressure switch hose has been squashed or kinked and the pump out rate has been dramatically reduced. Page 30 March Action: Replace the Motor Controller module if the pressure tube shows no sign of being faulty.

Display Module Phase 1 Phase 1 to 6 - Pressure Tube Fault The probable cause of this fault is that the pressure tube has become blocked or kinked or has fallen off completely. Page 31 March Replace the Motor Controller module. Action: Turn off Smartdrive at the wall and back on again after 5 seconds. Page 32 March Phase 5 Display Memory Check Fault On power up, the display has checked its memory against a known reference and found differences.

Primary Source: Display Module. Action: Replace Display Module. Page 33 March Phase 2 to 6 - Hot Valve Faulty digital The Motor Controller module has measured a voltage from the valve diagnostic circuit that indicates the hot valve is faulty. The most likely cause is that the valve harness has not been connected correctly or the valve is open circuit.

The Motor Controller module has detected that there is no current. Page 36 March Phase 5 - Pump Comms Error The Motor Controller module has detected an internal communications problem between its main control system and the pump control system. Action: Replace Motor Controller module. Page 37 March Action: Replace Display module. Secondary Source: Motor Controller module. If the new Motor Controller module corrects the fault, refit the original Display module.

Page 38 March Secondary Source: Motor. This can be done by taking a resistance measurement between phases of the motor harness at the Motor Control module end. Nominal resistance should be around Possible causes for this are a leak in the air bell, the basket is over-loaded with clothes, the clutch has jammed or is fouled with a foreign object. This can be done by taking a resistance measurement between phases of the motor harness at the Motor Controller module end. Nominal resistance should be approximately Page 41 March This manual is also suitable for:.


Fisher & Paykel ecosmart GWL11 Installation Instructions And User Manual


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Fisher & Paykel ecosmart GWL11 Manuals


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