So I had to educate him on what actually goes into each set of your fat burning, body sculpting walking hand weights. So I went into the shop and shot some photos at our Southern California plant where these puppies are made. These five pound blanks in this photo above have been drilled. The hole shown still need to be tapped and threaded.

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So I had to educate him on what actually goes into each set of your fat burning, body sculpting walking hand weights. So I went into the shop and shot some photos at our Southern California plant where these puppies are made. These five pound blanks in this photo above have been drilled. The hole shown still need to be tapped and threaded. And to do this, it take special equipment found in a certified machine shop like the one your weights are made in.

That would hurt. You would not believe how many steps it takes to get to the final product. I only understood this when I had the chance to actually make them personally. You are looking at the measurements on a Fanuc high production CNC lathe-mill.

These machines are incredibly accurate. They can measure the thickness to the one thousandth of an inch. We use a chamfer bit to creates a uniform chamfer on the inside edge of all our weights to add character, while retaining a crisp geometric line.

You are ensured a nice tight fit that goes in perfect each time you take your weights off or onto the handles. We made sure to clean the hole thoroughly by blowing out the chips from the drilling process. By clearing the hole, we ensure your threads are cut properly during the tapping process. Each Heavyhand Ad on Weight is weighed so you can calculate the workloads and kilocalories you are burning during a Heavyhand workout.

We also manufacture and market a line of updated and re-engineered Heavy Hands training aids for rapid fat reduction and strength endurance for walking, running and sports enthusiast. Call or Text Michael Senoff at or go to www. We do recommend, however, that you consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise program that requires a significant increase in physical activity.

It is particularly important that in any of these case, you work closely with your doctor to determine the exercise program that is best for you. The concept was developed by Dr. Essentially, the key lies in combined arm, leg, and trunk movement. Oxygen consumption is directly correlated with calories burned. Thus, the more oxygen consumed during exercise means more calories and fat are being used up. In those instances working with an exercise specialist is advisable.

We needed hand weights that would continue to be comfortable during prolonged, high repetition movements. The soft material that covers the shaft and strap portions of the weights lends them a glove-like quality that lessons the need to grip them tightly. This feature diminishes fatigue and may lessen blood pressure elevations in some who are susceptible to that problem.

The innovative ergonomic design and flex fit back strap feature spares the muscles of the hand, wrist, and forearm from overstrain and cramping, delays fatigue, and promotes better and a more skilled performance.

The back strap design is self-adjusting, allowing the handle to fit hands of different sizes and shapes. Although the straps are very strong and durable, care should be taken not to overstretch the strap.

The weights are made of steel, and if left outside, in the rain, mist, or fog, they will rust. After use, wipe dry and store inside away from moisture. You can protect them from rusting by spray painting them with a rust preventative paint. The flat black color both looks good and hides dirt.

The ergonomic grip may be easily cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners, bleaching agents, or the use of stiff brushes. The straps should be positioned behind the knuckles so that the rounded fitted ergonomic grip fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The strap may also be positioned across the fingers between the knuckles and first finger joints if that is more comfortable. Avoid gripping too tightly. Gripping tightly during prolonged exercise can cause cramping, and early fatigue. Do not hold your weights by the back strap. This can damage your weights system. Start with smaller weights and work gradually upward to the heavier ones.

It is advisable to have a variety of weighted ends on hand. Be sure the black flanged washers are in place and the weights you select are securely tightened to the handles. The best procedure is to hold the hand weight horizontally and grasp the weighted ends. Twisting each end in opposite directions will tighten both simultaneously.

Simply reverse the procedure to loosen the weights. Avoid holding the weights by the straps to tighten or loosen. As with all physical activities, warming up is not only advisable, but essential. Always start slowly, working into your desired pace.

Cooling down gradually. Give yourself plenty of room, especially when exercising with a group. Be careful not to hit yourself on down-stroke movements where the weights pass close to your body.

Basic Movements Here are some basic movements that may be included in your exercise program. These exercise may be varied by: Changing the size of the weights Changing the pace or number of repetitions Changing the range of movement The range of movement for many of these exercises are the following: Level One — Each lift is to waist height or 1 foot Level Two — Each lift is to shoulder height or 2 feet Level Three — Each lift to head height or 3 feet The higher the level employed, the greater the intensity of work being done at a given pace.

The exercises included will be useful both to beginners and aerobic enthusiasts. A basic exercise that converts the modest effects of a stroll into a respectable conditioner by involving your four limbs.

Position 1. Grasp the weights in the thumbs-up, palms-in position. Arms at full extension by your sides. Position 2. Lift or curl the right arm while the left leg strides Position 3.

Lift or curl the left arm while right leg strides Remarks: Repeat. This is simply an exaggeration of the arm-leg movement of ordinary walking. Avoid shortening the down stroke. Let the hand reach the position on each downward movement. If reasonably fast tempos and maximal range of motion or lift heights feel too easy, add weight, one pound at a time.

In this variation, raise the heel about 12 inches for each step. Age appears not to be a disadvantage so long as entry into the method is gradual and proceeds under the guidance of expert advice.

Simple arm and upper body additions to walking strides are quite enough to get you launched on the road to whole body fitness, lifelong! Both genders are well suited to practice the method. Research has shown that minute exercise sessions throughout the day can bring benefits that can be at least as great as the traditional 30 to 60 minutes of uninterrupted exercise.

Since strength and flexibility were part of such benefits, along with cardio respiratory effects, interchangeable end weights were necessary to provide these options. Used properly, they will bring you many years of faithful performance!

Gripping the strap could eventually cause damage. Many handlers use a number of different end weights according to the workout they select. In the beginning, one pair of handles and a set or two of end weights will suffice nicely. Both our muscles and our cardio respiratory systems respond favorably to a wide selection of movements. When the weights are relatively small, strength may be pursued in the form of faster tempo exercises and hand speeds, as well as with increased ranges of repetitive movements a in high pump walks, or in shadowboxing.

When choosing your end weights, take into consideration the types of movements your chosen activity will demand. Any type of exercise can injure. Overdoing any exercise can lead to injury and minimize returns on your health, performance, and appearance. Make good choices when deciding on the end weights and movements that will work for you. While many prefer the outdoors for their workouts, larger and larger numbers will find that exercise in front of their TV screen along with entertaining or instructive programming can be a winning combination.

It is an effective response to the frequent lament that exercise is boring and a sheer waste of time! Because of the design of the movements themselves, a small, fixed floor space offers the exerciser all the options they need to build the sort of fitness that they desire. Therefore, almost any room in most homes will be fine. They finish the job of converting to whole body strength and aerobics.

Our weights are relatively inexpensive, durable, balanced, and comfortable, The design of the weights also allow for longer intervals of exercise without fatigue. And with interchangeable end weights, users have endless exercise options. Three texts have been devoted to that topic, and new and expanded versions will soon be available along with more video materials.

Just be careful to not overdo it!



Task your core, supercharge your strength, swell your endurance all with one universal tool. Use them for standard lifts while walking or standing. Use them for lunges and squats. The research and workloads have been calculated by state-of-the-art human performance labs. For example, if you weigh lbs. And your grip strength, your upper body, your arms, and your chest are going to get conditioned like never before.


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Dr S always advised respect for these "little" weights when used in an extended session. My workouts are usually mile walks, or sometimes runs with the lighter weights. I try to use a wide variety of moves in various planes and even some of the funny leg "gaits" that Dr S illustrates good for ski conditioning. From the cardio perspective, I find I can still get close to maximum heart-rate during sprint intervals with light or heavy weights, just by adjusting speed and range of motion. After starting HH my resting heart-rate fell quite rapidly to around 48 and subsequently to around Nowadays I mix HH with a bit of running, both occasional LSD and more regular sprinting; I also do classic bodyweight moves such as pistols, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, etc.



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