In addition, infants born with this condition may also have other abnormalities. There are in utero surgery protocols for newborns with a high mortality from CDH. Chest CT at that time did not show any abdominal viscera within the thorax A. Si dichas fuerzas se alteran, provocan un crecimiento pulmonar anormal. Also, if the baby appears to have cyanosis blue-tinted skin this can also be a sign. There are three different treatments available.

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Se revisa el tema y se presenta un caso de una mujer adulta con hernia de Bochdalek. Resulta de la interferencia en el desarrollo del diafragma por falta de cierre del espacio pleuroperitoneal, y se puede dar por dos circunstancias: Porque el diafragma no se desarrolla completamente antes de que el intestino regrese al abdomen desde el saco de Yolk en las semanas Si es posterior a su desarrollo, la hipoplasia es de menor grado o no existe 2.

UU nacen 1. Se asocia a desarrollo pulmonar anormal, hipoplasia bilate-ral pero con mayor compromiso ipsilateral. En los adultos no hay suficientes reportes para establecer mortalidad 1, 4, 31, 33, 38, 41, Abstract The purpose of this paper is to review the subject of congenital Bochdalek hernia in the adult patient, concomitant with the report of a clinical case.

This type of pathology is exceptional in the adult, and very few cases have been reported in the world literature. This review emphasizes epidemiology and current methods of diagnosis and treatment.

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Hernia diafragmática



Hernia Diafragmática Congénita de Bochdalek en el Adulto






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