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TDC Architecture: 1. Hiway Based Distributed Control: The building block concept of TDC Architecture control design, with distributed process controlled boxes linked together by a communication network, was first introduced by Honeywell in Today, the monitor and control boxes connected to the Data Hiway as shown in Fig. Control Room Functions: By incorporating a high speed proprietary LAN called the local control network LCN with associated modules that accomplish specific functions, TDC Architecture offers a product that is compatible with systems already in the fields, is fully integrated and at the same time, has flexibility to continue to change and to grow along with the processes it controls.

It provides communication links between all nodes of TDC Architecture. A redundant pair of 75 ohms co-axial cables connected to each node. Each coaxial segment may be up to m long which may be extended up to m with optic fiber cables to a remote universal station or another coaxial segment.

It connects to up to 64 nodes. After 40 nodes it requires LCN extender. It may also be extended to up to 96 nodes as a special option. The levels refer to the amplitude of the signals with which the PIUs interface. The low energy PIU is configured with multiplexer boxes that can be distributed in the plant.

It provides sixteen control outputs, eight outputs, sixteen digital outputs and sixteen digital inputs. Each MC has the capacity to control 16 analog loops and handling up to 30 analog inputs, up to 72 analog output, up to digital inputs, up to 64 counter inputs. It takes less space and the scanning is faster than MC. The list of devices included in this box are analysers, tank gauging systems, machinery monitoring systems, emergency shutdowns systems, data acquisiton systems and compressor control systems.

Critical Process Controller CPC : The critical process controller consists of a fault tolerant logic control system and also triple redundancy. Typically the PC scans selected box values which could be viewed or archived into the PC files for such applications as the data analysis, customed reports and special calculations. It has bit parallel communication. It can perform logic and interlock function.

It provides comprehensive facilites to the process operator, process engineer and maintenance technician on the universal window. For Process Operator: The following are the functions for the process operators. They have to: Monitor and manipulate both continuous and discontinuous process or portions of processes Annuciate and handle process alarms, system alarms and operator Display and print process history, process trends and process averages.

Display and print journals, logs and reports. Monitor and change status of system equipment in the control room and in the field. Load other system modules with operating programs and databases from History Module, floppy diskette or cartridges. For Process Engineers: The process engineer do the following.

Build system and process database, graphic displays and reports. Perpare edit and compile CL programs. Loading operating programs and database from or to history modules and floppy diskettes. Load standard Honeywell software.


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Nagal A next step could be a step wise replacement of the controllers and note that ABB can carry out that even if this tdf a batch orchestrated environment. Rate this page General impression. A strong commitment to modernization. ABB was the guarantor of the safety of the process and continuous operation during the migration. There was a problem with your request.




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