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Dura Use the checklist of documents to make sure you include all other forms and documents you need. Fortunately, CIC has now clarified that, as police certificates are related to admissibility rather than eligibility, applicants will not be required to provide them when they submit their application to the CIO. Applicants should follow the new instruction guide to better prepare their applications. Newer Post Older Post Home. I do not know if this is the latest checklist but just the same we prepared our documents based on it. To ensure you have the most recent application form, please use the link to the application form below.

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Mihn If you have children from a previous marriage that you want to take to Canada and there are any custody issues or concerns. Print on white writing paper, not glossy The use of a laser printer is recommended Position the print bar code over each individual request. I ask my friend google what are the documents we should prepare while we are still starting, registering, applying and still waiting for PNP or ITA and it course me to this link.

A final page with bar code and a field for the signature will be automatically created. Tuesday, August 4, at 5: This had the potential for causing considerable delays since documents such as police certificates could take months to obtain.

If you are concerned about being inadmissible on medical grounds or you or any of your family members have a medical condition that you think could be an obstacle. Yeah, that is how positive we are because we needed this one chance for little R. Pursuing our Canada dream for our little R entails so much documentation, processing, payments and so on.

Apparently you have to show a last 6 months bank statement, so probably is better to do it in advance. The Document Checklist contains 7 pages so let us deal with it per page. Your email address will not be published. Immigration programs How we help you? Canada immigration programs Get started. My questions are, what would you include as detailed information on the COE?

There are two other programs for skilled workers seeking permanent residence: Page 3 of 7. Apply as a Skilled Worker. New forms, an instruction guide and a checklist of documents IMM are now available. For more information, please consult Canada skilled workers immigration point based system article.

They are as follows:. Opportunity The Federal Skilled Worker program has a new eligibility stream that is open to international students who are pursuing or who have completed doctoral PhD studies at Canadian institutions.

The Federal Skilled Worker program has a new eligibility stream that is open to international students who are pursuing or who have completed doctoral PhD studies at Canadian institutions. How to apply Read the instruction immm to complete your application forms Use the new application form g energy for Canada [IMM ].

It is best for you to read some more coz it is posted here as we level up in our application. To validate the form before printing ensures that you have answered all the questions which will prevent delays in processing your request. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. Applicants are encouraged to complete the form electronically and validate the information to generate 2D barcodes before printing.

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Log on to our website at www. Current processing times are updated weekly on CIC website. What is a UCI? It has four numbers, a hyphen and four more numbers. Example: What is my client ID? Factors that facilitate processing There are certain things you can do to help ensure that your application is processed as promptly as possible: make sure that all the documentation and information requested is provided at the time of initial application submission make sure that you notify the visa office promptly of any and all changes to your mailing address, family situation, or any other information that is important to your application, such as additional education or work experience.

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