I enjoyed teaching myself Greek while I was in the Army from this text. New Testament Greek for Beginners by J. But this is a pretty solid book on Greek. This book is intended primarily for learners who are beginning the study of the Greek Testament either without any previous acquaintance with the Greek language or with an k so imperfect that a renewed course of elementary instruction is needed. A bit dated, but still a very helpful grammar. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Machen is a no-nonsense, no frills, dead serious introductory text, but a student who has completed it will be able to read NT Greek. Each of the 33 lessons concludes with 20 Greek to English sentences and 16 English to Greek sentences to be translated. At the end of the first year of Machen, I discovered that Zodhiates AMG Publishers, Chattanooga, TN has published keys to these exercises, together with cassettes covering all 33 lessons, and a workbook with its own key booklet for each lesson.

Its longevity testifies to its worth. By Philip J. Bohlken on Jan 07, I am a Lutheran pastor. Over the years, I have used this text to teach a few interested persons New Testament Greek one-on-one.

I tried another text once, but its arrangement of subjects seemed out of place. For me, the great feature of Machen is the numerous exercise sentences at the end of each chapter. Too many first year texts provide the students with too few exercise sentences by which they can practice what they have learned.

It is not really a book for self-study. But, with the help of a teacher who has studied New Testament Greek, it is simply the best book available after its nearly 80 years in print.

That alone speaks much in its behalf. It is no-nonsense and gets right to the point of each individual lesson. The chapters are fed to the student in small "bite-size" portions that are easily digested - not too much info in one sitting. The real benefit of this grammar, however, is in the exercises at the end of each chapter. The student is taught one or two new grammatical concepts per chapter, and then is asked to apply those concepts through numerous translations - first from Greek to English and then from English to Greek.

Another benefit of the excercises in Machen is the fact that the sentences to be translated are not directly from the Bible. In addition, all of the exercises were passages from the Bible. If, as in my case, you have studied the Bible before moving on to Greek, many of the exercises to be translated will be familiar to you. It seemed that I could make it through the translation after the first few words because I had heard the English many times. This did not help because I was not forced to work through each word or phrase individually because I knew what it said before I got to that point.

Machen makes up his own sentences, having to do with the vocabulary words learned up to that point. There is no such thing as translating, "For God so loved the world It should be noted that the style of Machen is more "academic", while Mounce is more "contemporary". Great for the Knowing Beginner By Andrew Kinsey on Apr 04, I spent two semesters in college going through this book in a Classroom setting and found this work entirely helpful for the understanding of New Testament Greek.

The method by which Machen divided up his Chapters allows the student to begin understanding and writing Greek sentences after only a few lessons whereas some grammars will go over every single Noun Ending and Rule before moving on to the Verbs and it could be fifteen lessons before the Student is able to understand even a basic sentence.

There are a few problems with the text and those are mainly involving the way in which he describes some of the more difficult concepts. If the solitary student is trying to brush up on his Greek or has already learned one or more languages then he or she will have a much easier time grasping the more difficult concepts because they would be used to going through a grammar and learning ideas about a foreign language.

The Lexicon in the Back with the principle parts is also a very helpful tool for the beginning student so the student does not have to flip through every single lesson trying to find the definition of a word given previously while working on a later lesson. Great beginners book A Customer on Mar 07, I took four years of high school Greek and we used this book all the way through.

He is very thorough and yet very clear in his presentation of beginning concepts. It is truly a great work. Gresham Machen provided the academic world with the standard text for teaching Koine common Greek, often called New Testament Greek. This book is extremely well done, and after viewing two three separate Greek texts, this is the most detailed. He covers all the rules in Greek such as declensions, Present Actives, Participles, aorists, imperfects, Perfect tenses, subjunctives, etc.

His vocabulary section in the back is great for the student as a quick reference or study tool for memorization. Further, as another reviewer noted, one can practice what they have learned in each chapter with Greek to English and English to Greek exercises.

With a minor in Greek, I suggests one seek a teacher or someone with at least two years of Greek if using a book to learn Greek anyway. The genius is the organization and the exercises. No grammar does a better job of systematically leading one through Greek and the exercises are wonderful at reenforcing the vocabulary and paradigms.

This book is great for reviewing or refreshing Greek and is perfect for teaching children, again because of the exercises. I would recommend that you buy both Machen and Mounce. The only reason I give it four stars is that no grammar is perfect and you really need to work through several. Old is not always a bad thing!

I learned with this grammar and I still use it to teach introductory Koine. It is not an accident that so many Greek teachers learned with this grammar -- it covers all the material needed to read the NT competently. I personally would like to see MI verbs covered earlier in the lessons but this is a small matter that can be corrected by the instructor if they are so inclined.

The grammar is well thought out as well. Lessons that are heavy and require a lot of work are followed by lighter lessons so the student is not overwhelmed. The exercises, though not directly from the NT, cover the grammatical points of the lesson and help the student understand the rules of grammar.

Sadly, most university students do not know what a subjunctive mood is or a superlative adjective etc. My second problem is his constant use of archaic pronouns.

Ye, thee, thou, etc. Now it just sounds silly for most of us anyway. Again, this can be corrected by the instructor. All round, Machen is a good grammar that covers the material. It does not offer a magic pill solution to learning a foreign language. If you use Machen you will need to work; however, the pay off is knowing Greek well. Still the best By Kathy F. Cannata on Aug 08, I have to say I found this more challenging than the text we used in my seminary classes Hewett , but it is worth it if you have the motivation.

Work through the whole grammar and you can sight-read koine Greek. He is passionate about the language, its importance and its beauty. Just as important, it has been a concise, reliable, and lucid reference, far exceeding any other grammatical reference books in my entire library. I continue to add new Greek references and study books, but this is the one I keep coming back to.

I spent the summer learning Gk, with no background knowledge, largely on my own I met with my Prof. The exercises from Gk to Eng and Eng to Gk add a layer of work which is highly beneficial.

The book also explains grammatical concepts in Gk, obviously, but also in English when necessary. The paradigms, vocabularies both Gk to Eng and Eng to Gk , and glossary at the end of the book are extremely useful. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn N. However, it is very basic in its presentation. Not the most exciting way of learning, but does a decent job at explaining a lesson and then giving exercises to practice what you learned.

It gets the job done. Within 3 weeks I was writing very well and understood sentence structure to where I could translate some small, or even compound sentences that had basic vocabulary. This text teaches vocab at a slow pace, so I would get Mounces flash cards and go through a week. At that rate you can easily have a word vocabulary within a semester, and with the study of noun and verb conjugations from this text, you could easily translate most of the New Testament.

This all would require a lot of hard work. In my language study time I would often put in 8 to 10 hours a day for 6 days a week.

But through that, by the end of a semester I had gained more knowledge than what most pastors I know have of Hebrew and Greek. So if you have to use this book, then yes it works and you will certainly help you. But if you are debating between anything else then go for Basics of Biblical Greek by Mounce.

Whatever you do, get the laminated study guide by Mounce! It is truly a life saver and worth its weight in gold! Five Stars By Mark R. Great condition. Great price. Thank you very much. I like the updated edition better By Philip on Jan 27, I like the updated edition better, but this is a great book for learning New Testament Greek. Machen was a genius of his day! There is no better. By Paul Brown on Jan 22, Still the standard. Great book. Lemkuil on Feb 24, To be able to refer back to the original Greek, this is a useful reference source to do so.

Gresham Machen. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. It was published by Prentice Hall and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.

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