Jacobus became a Dominican in After gaining a reputation throughout northern Italy as a preacher and theologian, he was provincial of Lombardy —78 and —86 and archbishop of the independent city of Genoa until his death. He was beatified in for his work as a peacemaker between Guelphs pro-papal party and Ghibellines pro-imperial , and his feast day in the Dominican order is July Immensely popular in the Middle Ages, it was translated into all western European languages and gradually much enlarged. Medieval artists found the Golden Legend a storehouse of events and persons to be illustrated.

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Or Silvester is said of silvas and of trahens, that is to say he was drawing wild men and hard unto the faith. Or as it is said in glossario, Silvester is to say green, that is to wit, green in contemplation of heavenly things, and a toiler in labouring himself; he was umbrous or shadowous.

That is to say he was cold and refrigate from all concupiscence of the flesh, full of boughs among the trees of heaven. The correct derivation is alluded to in the text, but set out in parallel to fanciful ones that lexicographers would consider quite wide of the mark.

Even the "correct" explanations silvas, "forest", and the mention of green boughs are used as the basis for an allegorical interpretation. Medieval view of Muhammad[ edit ] The chapter "St Pelagius, Pope and the History of the Lombards" begins with the story of St Pelagius, then proceeds to touch upon events surrounding the origin and history of the Lombards in Europe leading up to the 7th century when the story of Muhammad begins.

It may be because of this long history that early copies of the entire work was sometimes referred to as Historia Lombardica. Agatha to supernaturally repel an eruption of Mount Etna : And for to prove that she had prayed for the salvation of the country, at the beginning of February, the year after her martyrdom, there arose a great fire, and came from the mountain toward the city of Catania and burnt the earth and stones, it was so fervent. Then ran the paynims to the sepulchre of S.

Agatha and took the cloth that lay upon her tomb, and held it abroad against the fire, and anon on the ninth day after, which was the day of her feast, ceased the fire as soon as it came to the cloth that they brought from her tomb, showing that our Lord kept the city from the said fire by the merits of S.

Barbara , a virgin who turned to Christianity against the will of her pagan father, is mostly known from the Golden Legend. Many of his stories have no other known source. A typical example of the sort of story related, also involving St. Silvester, shows the saint receiving miraculous instruction from Saint Peter in a vision that enables him to exorcise a dragon : In this time it happed that there was at Rome a dragon in a pit, which every day slew with his breath more than three hundred men.

Then came the bishops of the idols unto the emperor and said unto him: O thou most holy emperor, sith the time that thou hast received Christian faith the dragon which is in yonder fosse or pit slayeth every day with his breath more than three hundred men. Then sent the emperor for S.

Silvester and asked counsel of him of this matter. Silvester answered that by the might of God he promised to make him cease of his hurt and blessure of this people. Then S. Silvester put himself to prayer, and S.

Peter appeared to him and said: "Go surely to the dragon and the two priests that be with thee take in thy company, and when thou shalt come to him thou shalt say to him in this manner: Our Lord Jesus Christ which was born of the Virgin Mary, crucified, buried and arose, and now sitteth on the right side of the Father, this is he that shall come to deem and judge the living and the dead, I commend thee Sathanas that thou abide him in this place till he come.

Then thou shalt bind his mouth with a thread, and seal it with thy seal, wherein is the imprint of the cross.

Then thou and the two priests shall come to me whole and safe, and such bread as I shall make ready for you ye shall eat. Thus as S. Peter had said, S. Silvester did. And when he came to the pit, he descended down one hundred and fifty steps, bearing with him two lanterns, and found the dragon, and said the words that S. Peter had said to him, and bound his mouth with the thread, and sealed it, and after returned, and as he came upward again he met with two enchanters which followed him for to see if he descended, which were almost dead of the stench of the dragon, whom he brought with him whole and sound, which anon were baptized, with a great multitude of people with them.

Thus was the city of Rome delivered from double death, that was from the culture and worshiping of false idols, and from the venom of the dragon. Ryan, 1.

Perception and legacy[ edit ] Legenda Aurea, The book was highly successful in its time, despite many other similar books that compiled legends of the saints. The reason it stood out against competing saint collections probably is that it offered the average reader the perfect balance of information. Each time a new copy was made, it was common for that institution to add a chapter or two about their own local saints. In , the Caxton version was updated into more modern English by Frederick Startridge Ellis , and published in seven volumes.

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Jacobus da Varagine

He entered the Dominican order in , and became the prior at Como , Bologna and Asti in succession. He was provincial of Lombardy from till , when he was removed at the meeting of the order in Paris. He also represented his own province at the councils of Lucca and Ferrara Early in the same pope, himself a Franciscan , summoned Jacobus to Rome, intending to consecrate him archbishop of Genoa. Jacobus reached Rome on Palm Sunday 30 March , only to find his patron ill of a deadly sickness, from which he died on Good Friday 4 April.


Jacobus De Voragine

Tobit, 27 The Life of S. Judith, 36 The Life of S. Lucy, 59 The Life of S. Nicasius, 61 The Life of S.

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