Il fulcro del metodo Trachtenberg dimostra come sia possibile moltiplicare facilmente qualsiasi numero per Raddoppiamolo per ottenere 6 e poi aggiungiamo il suo prossimo 4 per ottenere Abbiamo il doppio della cifra inesistente, che chiameremo 0, aggiungiamo il suo prossimo 3 e aggiungere il riporto 1. Quindi, scriviamo 4 come cifra finale. Abbiamo scritto in basso, da destra a sinistra:

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His story would probably make for a good movie. He was a Russian, born in Odessa on June 17, Petersburg before joining the Obuschoff shipyards as a student-engineer. After the murder of the Russian Royal Family in , he spoke out against the Communists taking over the country. In he learnt he was about to be killed so he fled into Germany.

Germany In Berlin he became the editor of a magazine and urged Germany towards a future if peace. He married Countess Alice an aristocrat and wrote the first reference book on Russian industry.

He spoke out against fascism and soon Hitler ordered him to be silenced. In he once again had to flee for his life to Vienna where he became editor of an international scientific periodical. It was here that, to escape the pestilence and death around him, he took refuge in his mind and invented a simple method that could add thousands of numbers together, without actually ever adding higher than eleven.

During the seven years he was in the concentration camp he continued to work on his simplified system of mathematics. He entrusted his work to a fellow prisoner. She managed through bribery to get her husband transferred quietly to another camp before the sentence was carried out. Escape He went to Leipzig which had been heavily bombed. He took a chance and escaped one night but was later again taken into custody and sent to a labor camp in Trieste. In early he managed to escape from the camp and made his way, with his wife, across the border to Switzerland.

As he convalesced in a Swiss camp for refugees he perfected his mathematical system. In , Jakow founded the Mathematical Institute in Zurich which during the day taught children and in the evenings held classes for adults who were also keen to learn this new system.

Jakow Trachtenberg died in



Continue with the same method to obtain the remaining digits. The calculations for finding the fourth digit from the example above are illustrated at right. The arrow from the nine will always point to the digit of the multiplicand directly above the digit of the answer you wish to find, with the other arrows each pointing one digit to the right. The vertical arrow points to the product where we will get the Units digit, and the sloping arrow points to the product where we will get the Tens digits of the Product Pair. If an arrow points to a space with no digit there is no calculation for that arrow.


Trachtenberg system


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