El padre de Richard, Milton, es un conde empobrecido que decidio restaurar la fortuna familiar mediante el matrimonio entre su hijo menor Richard , y la unica hija de una rica familia de comerciantes, sin importarle que los novios se odiaran virulentamente, y que cada encuentro terminara en un desastre. Mientras tanto, Julia no ha cambiado en su opinion respecto a Richard. Lo sigue odiando, y se siente herida porque Richard se escapo de Inglaterra, ya que piensa que lo hizo para no casarse con ella. Ha tratado por todos los medios de romper el compromiso con Richard, sin resultado, y como esta decidida a seguir adelante con su vida, se le ocurre que lo mejor es declarar a Richard muerto y de esta forma invalidar el contrato que los une. Julia no puede dejar de pensar en Jean Paul, y al dia siguiente acude a la casa de Georgina para tratar de descubrir donde puede encontrarlo. Gabrielle la ayuda, ya que quiere que Jean Paul deje de pensar en Georgina, y la lleva al hotel donde su amigo se aloja.

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Start your review of Enemigos perfectos Write a review Shelves: worth-listening-to , not-to-die-for-but-enjoyable , what-does-he-see-in-her , audiobook , hate-at-first-sight The blurb for this book here at GR touts it as a Malory novel and lists Georgina Malory as one of the main protagonists.

Neither point is true so if you are jonesing for a new Malory installment, you will have to look to a future book. James Malory does have a small part in the story but Georgina, aside from uttering a few sentences, is non-existent.

Julia and Richard have been betrothed since they were children and have despised one another since the day they met. Richard, having fled London and the tyranny of his fortune-seeking father 9 years ago, lives a carefree existence in the Caribbean as a "pirate" of sorts At a ball one evening, Julia meets and is charmed by a Frenchman named Jean-Paul; however, J-P is hopelessly infatuated with Georgina who he had met in a prior book and shamelessly stares at her across the ballroom floor.

Julia cannot be compromised due to her state of engagement. The kiss deepens, taking on a seductive quality, and both Julia and J-P are powerless to stop the feelings they are beginning to have for each other.

After meeting a few times during the following week, each realizes the true identity of the other and they attempt to pick up where they left off as children Julia discovers his whereabouts and enlists the aid of James Malory to overtake the convict ship and free Richard.

Apparently, Julia and Richard are falling in love but not even a night of steamy sex on the boat ride home gives either one reason to believe they share anything more than mutual feelings of contempt. As an audio book, I found the story - and narrator - engaging enough to hold my attention for the entire reading, but not good enough to stop whatever I was doing just to listen. At 21 years old, it seemed unnatural for Julia to still be harboring extremely ill feelings towards a man she had only known as a boy She was curt, accusative and just plain rude.

Me, me, me However, Julia acted towards Richard much like Gabriella had initially acted towards Drew Richard and Gabriella were close friends so perhaps he simply liked domineering, spoiled brats! Even so, with Julia still attempting to control everything up to the last page, I found it hard to believe their "happy" was going to make it to the "ever after.


Johanna Lindsey - Enemigos perfectos



Enemigos perfectos de Johanna Lindsey Libro 12 de: Los Malory



Enemigos perfectos (Saga de los Malory 10)


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