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Average Rating 2 ratings The Children of the Stars. The elves shape their future amidst the tragedy of exile, while the dwarves struggle to carve theirs from internecine strife. The minotaurs proclaim manifest destiny, while the kender look to a future without affliction.

The gnomes assemble a collective future from cogs and gear shafts, while goblins shake theirs free from the oppressors of the past. Ogres follow a cunning leader into a future of imagined glory; humans gather around rulers bold enough to see a clear destiny. These are the races of Ansalon. Races of Ansalon is a resource for games set in the world of Dragonlance. It is an encyclopedia of cultures that details everything from racial relations and psychology to history and language. Old favorites like the Qualinesti elves and the kender of Hylo are revisited in the light of new information from the novels, while lesser-known breeds such as the ursoi and phaethon are revealed for the first time as fully-imagined player character races.

An appendix presents racially themed magic items, feats, vital statistics, and cultural weapons to get the most out of your Tarmak, half-gnome, or Irda All information within this volume is fully compatible with the revised edition of the d20 System game.

Ready to try something different? Eager to revisit something familiar? Packed with information gleaned from hundreds of Dragonlance novels and game products, fully updated and revised, this volume offers something for any player, Dungeon Master, or even the casual reader in the world of Krynn, and is an essential resource for any Dragonlance campaign.

It was published in August However for their penultimate roleplaying sourcebook, Sovereign decided to try something different: a racial splat book focusing on the eight most important races in Dragonlance.

Because Races of Ansalon was written so late in the 3. Expanding Dragonlance. It provided deep detail on the eight major races of that setting. Then DL4: "Dragons of Desolation" completed the roster of dwarves by introducing mountain dwarves and dark dwarves as part of an intricate dwarven society.

Dwarves had also enjoyed one of the few previous racial splatbooks for the Dragonlance line: Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn They were also the core of many novels, such as the Dwarven Nations trilogy , The Gully Dwarves , and Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Meanwhile, DL7: "Dragons of Light" provided considerable detail on the elves, including the introduction of the wild Kagonesti.

Meanwhile, the elves have been even more commonplace in novels, including the Elven Nations trilogy , the Elven Exiles trilogy and individual books like The Kagonesi and The Dargonesti Gnomes, who were the creation of Jeff Grubb, are one of the most influential races from Dragonlance. Moore for Dragon November A few years later, gnomes shared the spotlight in one of the early short story anthologies, "Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes" Races of Ansalon not only detailed gnomes, but also had a short rule system for "contraptions".

Goblins are unique in Krynn mainly for their ancestry — a mix of elves and ogres. They were used extensively in the War of the Lance, with the hobgoblin Fewmaster Toede from DL1: "Dragons of Despair" being one of the earliest memorable antagonists. Goblins are also notable for what they replaced: there are no orcs in the world of Krynn, giving goblins a bigger niche to fill. Humans had been represented from the beginning of the Dragonlance Saga as being both civilized like Sturm and nomadic like Goldmoon and Riverwind.

Then DL6: "Dragons of Ice" added even more variety with the nomadic ice folk. Kender, a new take on halflings, are the most unique new race of Krynn. In early development, kender had been "savage, warrior children", but that evolved as Draognlance did. Janet Pack made them cuter, Tracy Hickman made them curious and kleptomanic, and Roger Moore helped with their final definition. Minotaurs appeared as early as DL6: "Dragons of Ice" , but they really got their chance to shine when the Companions went east, starting in DL9: "Dragons of Deceit" Minotaurs have also gotten a lot of attention in the novels, mostly thanks to Richard A.

Tracy Hickman had introduced the draconians because he felt that ogres were overused. Nonetheless, ogres show up in minor roles as early as DL3: "Dragons of Hope" The race became more intriguing with the introduction of the Irda in Dragonlance Adventures This race of "high ogres" were a peaceful immortal race, later cursed and made evil. A novel called The Irda detailed them more, then they became a important force in Krynn in Dragons of Summer Flame Leftovers for Dinner. Races of Ansalon also includes information on The Golden Hammers, a knightly organization of dwarves that had been cut from Knightly Orders of Ansalon.

About the Creators. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.


Knightly Orders of Ansalon

This adventure is the first of an epic trilogy beginning in the previously unknown continent of Taladas and ranging out to the Astral plane. Players must track down the dragon killers and warn the conclave of the Othlorx, but those are only the first steps in thwarting a dreadful conspiracy aimed at all of Krynn! In this adventure, the player characters must stop neutral dragons from being killed. The players assume the roles of dragon hunters to discover the identity of the "master" behind the plan to wipe out the Othlorx Uninvolved dragons of Taladas. Failure means doom for all of Krynn! Explore the lost city of Xak Tsaroth, defeat the mighty Black Dragon Khisanth, and recover the crystal staff of Mishakal.


Dragonlance Knightly Orders of Ansalon

Edit Vinas Solamnus was a general of the army of the Empire of Ergoth, who fought for them until he was sent to subdue a rebellion in Solamnia , which was at the time eastern Ergoth. After months of fighting, winter bogged down the campaign. In the months of inactivity, Solamnus studied the cause of the rebels, and found it to be just. After defeating the Empire, he spent some time alone meditating. The gods Paladine , Habbakuk , and Kiri-Jolith then sent Vinas a vision, in which he thought about an army divided in three orders, each of the three orders associated with a god. The Knighthood was born. They are dedicated to the protection of Solamnia and Ansalon , service to the gods of Good, and above all to the ideals of honor.


Solamnic Knights

Average Rating 2 ratings Since the Age of Dreams, warriors have raised arms for good and evil across the face of Krynn. Great heroes and terrifying villains fight not for themselves, but for greater ideals. This sourcebook contains game information for the d20 System, as well as the lore and traditions of knightly orders. New and revised class information are provided for the various knighthoods, as well as new feats and magical items. Details are provided for the first time on the histories of knightly orders, the rules of acceptance and conduct, their quests and trials, and deadly enemies who seek to undo them. Knightly Orders of Ansalon contains information useful for both players and Dungeon Masters, as well as Dragonlance fans who wish to know even more about the military orders of the world and the characters who belong to them. It was published in August

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