Kabar Everybody gets a drone! Two more of his brothers dropped to the ground firing, just in time to catch the third gunner as he took aim for John. Kjarloc Lost Hobbit Excellent blog. Shaman Price upped to 80 points Can pick any 2 powers from the powers list. That unit is immediately placed into reserves. Oaka Unfortunately, I do not know where the model originates from.

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JoJolrajas Lord of Caliban — click to view full reply. Doing knarlod few things differently than what you are doing, for instance the fact that I dont own any forgeworld rukes, but otherwise we are certainly sharing some similar themes.

Finally, a crude drawing of my plan. Runes of the Stone-Kin: Unit quote goes here Fluff text goes here. Bit of necromancy I know.

Oaka Here is the howdah, now for the joy of using milliput for the first time to build up the body. Demiurg Runesmiths differ from the usual hectic and forceful calling of power employed by Chaos sorcerers and Ork Weirdboyz. Aetare — click to view full reply. Sheep That head looks fantastic mate, the only thing I would suggest could improve it is to blend the transitions on the spines alittle bit more. Baggage Knarloc should only have 4 wounds instead of 5 The sure foot charm should be more expensive.

The GW hounds look malnourished in comparison. Ads by Project Wonderful! These are the stats they have, IIRC. Jonas; the sniper beside him, was bisected from his forehead to crotch by a still-burning slug embedded in the cliff-wall. Your ad here, right now: Heavy support option removed from Mercenaries special rule.

The problem is, when combined with the absence of warpaint, the model looks unfinished. The tetra is a light antigrav reconnaissance vehicle used by the tau empire. Infiltrating the battlefield days before the battle, these men wait for the shots that can change the course of the battle. Popsicle — click to view full reply. Tau weaponry should stay the same for obvious reasons. Krootox riders should only have 2 wounds. Ynneadwraith Yeah these guys are really cool very nice work.

Mantic games has a beurifull set of Space dwarf miniatures called forge fathers. I like very much the conversions and the painting, but especially the overall look is unique!

But still, comsidering the scope of this army, its a drop in the bukcet, Awesome work so far Cheers BB. TOP Related Posts.



Marg Oaka Finished the models required to field a full Beast unit: And there is usually a prize for Best Painted and Best Army, so those are my new goals. Called the Fogbank Missile Pod, the missiles payload was extensively modified to maximise range, stability and accuracy, allowing it to act as a weaker variant of the Seeker Missile for use in extended campaigns where supplies could krot low, while being outfitting with the drone intelligence of the Smart-Missile-System allowed it be fired at targets beyond gfeat wielders Line of Sight without the aid of Markerlight targeting data. This kroot has huge wood. Oaka — click to view full reply. Oaka I got around to completing my fifth and for now final shaper equipped with an eviscerator.


Greater Knarloc Rules Update. This should be 20 to 25 points. Consists of 1 great knarloc unit make up to 10 choices from the following list, but you may not exceed the number of choices made on the main force list. I chose to use this model because it has 5 heads to represent the 5 attacks and 5 wounds of the Razorwing Flock, which all look amazingly similar to a Kroot Hound head. That is an awesome fandex guys well done!

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