Kizilkree Therefore, the question that we take as a reflection in the dimension of the didactic-pedagogical organization is: In fact, this scenario was predicted earlier by Berners-Leewhen he revealed that the production of Web micro resources would happen through personal initiatives, companies or groups, taking into account their particular objectives, i. The system was planned to have evaluation as a regulation system via market. Edson Nunesv for instance, proposed that the Council should be reformed to work as a regulatory authority, with a strictly technical aspect. The universities designed to research aimed to meet the elite. Making the data produced within SINAES more accessible and reusable is very interesting and important for researchers working on different areas of knowledge Alcantara et al. It zinaes considers the international mobility of students, which lek been increasingly lel by the Brazilian government, and of workers, through the configuration of continental blocks, international trade zones, transnational economic communities, etc.

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Tojashura The largest and most equipped laboratories for the simulation of practice do not have anything to say llei sensitive life.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The instruments applied in this research in order to identify this relation were the model HedPERF questionnaire, customized to the students, professors and managers interview. In Brazil, higher education is on a par with international movements that question the purposes modes of evaluating, regulating and supervising professional education at the university level.

Quem Somos? The education opening to the market has made giant organizations start to manage the education, gradually increasing the privatization of education. Log In Sign Up. Introduction This article addresses external evaluation in undergraduate teaching, a recent public policy that examines the quality and institutional regulation of basic education at the university.

In this new context, there is a decrease in the discourse of ethics and of critical consciousness and an emphasis on the competitiveness issue, external indicators and a growing bureaucracy. The NeOn methodology takes into consideration to two other issues that we consider very important whenever an ontology network has as a goal to contribute for the sustainable development of the Web macro level.

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The work on which we support our arguments comes essentially from areas like Philosophy, Information Science and Computer Science. For Peronicapitalism is going through a period of crisis and to overcome it uses devices like globalization, productive restructuring and Third Way policies. Today, academic production indicators are very strict and the demand for publication of articles and texts in national and international journals that are relevant in the area of knowledge has been increasingly present in the university environment.

Qualidade quer dizer conformidade com os requisitos. The cascade model, in which we wait for the completion of a phase to start a new one, and the incremental iterative model in which the project is developed in successive iterations, each one organized as a cascade model with a limit set of requirements well defined.

The education workforce has become increasingly casualized and there has been sinaed autonomy over the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. LMC DATASHEET PDF Basically, it represents a recent multidisciplinary area that is dedicated for advancing the knowledge about the Web, both from the point of view of the sinaew involved and from the various aspects that involve its understanding as a phenomenon that affects different dimensions of the current society. In this sense, we can assume that no kind of evaluation is essentially neutral since it carries within itself the intention of the evaluator.

For this author, the institutional evaluation must happen in a global way, in which all processes, actions and results are analyzed following a historical and social contextualized way. It would require that the External Evaluation Committee should want to have this conversation and should be interested in recomposing the evaluation instruments throughout the evaluative experience. O Brasil precisa desta reforma.

For Horrocksontologies the basis of a technology capable of offering important contributions to achieve the goals proposed by the Semantic Web, mainly for providing an explicit semantic to the contents available on the Web, favoring its operation from sources with precisely defined terms.

Inspection, verification and examination. The Semantic Web is a quite diverse set of technologies, analyzed and used in different ways by different communities and social groups.

It is hard to do this, but it is even harder to have a dialog like this, to evaluate, narrate and give back. In our lej, we consider that the creation of a repository of ontological patterns will contribute for accelerating the development of new ontologies for the domain of SINAES and improving the quality of the ontologies. TOP Related Posts.


Lei nº 10861 (2004)

Parбgrafo ъnico. Os resultados da avaliaзгo referida no caput deste artigo constituirгo referencial bбsico dos processos de regulaзгo e supervisгo da educaзгo superior, neles compreendidos o credenciamento e a renovaзгo de credenciamento de instituiзхes de educaзгo superior, a autorizaзгo, o reconhecimento e a renovaзгo de reconhecimento de cursos de graduaзгo. Aos estudantes de melhor desempenho no ENADE o Ministйrio da Educaзгo concederб estнmulo, na forma de bolsa de estudos, ou auxнlio especнfico, ou ainda alguma outra forma de distinзгo com objetivo similar, destinado a favorecer a excelкncia e a continuidade dos estudos, em nнvel de graduaзгo ou de pуs-graduaзгo, conforme estabelecido em regulamento. Os resultados considerados insatisfatуrios ensejarгo a celebraзгo de protocolo de compromisso, a ser firmado entre a instituiзгo de educaзгo superior e o Ministйrio da Educaзгo, que deverб conter: I — o diagnуstico objetivo das condiзхes da instituiзгo; II — os encaminhamentos, processos e aзхes a serem adotados pela instituiзгo de educaзгo superior com vistas na superaзгo das dificuldades detectadas; III — a indicaзгo de prazos e metas para o cumprimento de aзхes, expressamente definidas, e a caracterizaзгo das respectivas responsabilidades dos dirigentes; IV — a criaзгo, por parte da instituiзгo de educaзгo superior, de comissгo de acompanhamento do protocolo de compromisso. Cada instituiзгo de ensino superior, pъblica ou privada, constituirб Comissгo Prуpria de Avaliaзгo - CPA, no prazo de 60 sessenta dias, a contar da publicaзгo desta Lei, com as atribuiзхes de conduзгo dos processos de avaliaзгo internos da instituiзгo, de sistematizaзгo e de prestaзгo das informaзхes solicitadas pelo INEP, obedecidas as seguintes diretrizes: I — constituiзгo por ato do dirigente mбximo da instituiзгo de ensino superior, ou por previsгo no seu prуprio estatuto ou regimento, assegurada a participaзгo de todos os segmentos da comunidade universitбria e da sociedade civil organizada, e vedada a composiзгo que privilegie a maioria absoluta de um dos segmentos; II — atuaзгo autфnoma em relaзгo a conselhos e demais уrgгos colegiados existentes na instituiзгo de educaзгo superior. Os responsбveis pela prestaзгo de informaзхes falsas ou pelo preenchimento de formulбrios e relatуrios de avaliaзгo que impliquem omissгo ou distorзгo de dados a serem fornecidos ao SINAES responderгo civil, penal e administrativamente por essas condutas. Esta Lei entra em vigor na data de sua publicaзгo.





Lei 10861 SINAES



Lei 10861/04 | Lei no 10.861, de 14 de abril de 2004


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