Для эффективного управления листогибочными прессами и контроля их работы компания Pilz представляет комплексное и эффективное решение - защитную видеосистему PSENvip. Для выполнения конфигурирования и пусконаладочных работ в системе управления листогибочным прессом предусмотрен интернет-интерфейс. Это дает возможность пользователю провести необходимые настройки централизованно. Наладку значительно облегчает возможность установить приемник непосредственно за дисплеем системы управления листогибочным прессом. Система PSENvip благодаря компактным размерам можно установить в любом месте.

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Because the integrality of our business activities is what sets us apart. Pilz is a solution supplier for all automation functions. Including standard control functions. Developments from Pilz protect man, machine and the environment. Real proximity to customers is visible in all areas, instilling con? We are your contact, guide and competency leader en route to an optimum automation solution. Support — Technical help round the clock!

Exclusion of liability Our application manual has been compiled with great care. It contains information about our company and our products. All statements are made in accordance with the current status of technology and to the best of our know-ledge and belief. However, we cannot except liability for the accuracy and entirety of the information provided, except in the case of gross negligence. In particular it should be noted that statements do not have the legal quality of assurances or assured properties.

We are grateful for any feedback on the contents. April Technical support is available from Pilz round the clock. This service is provided free of charge beyond standard business hours. You can reach our international hotline on:? We reserve the right to amend speci? The names of products, goods and technologies used in this manual are trademarks of the respective companies. Appropriate services relating to individual components and independent generic services guarantee that our customers obtain customised automation solutions, all from one source.

You can? Whether you need safety or standard control functions, machine or plant, centralised or decentralised, a single product or a total solution: With Pilz you will de? Are you looking for a? PMD: Electronic monitoring relays such as voltage or true power monitors, for example. PNOZ: Safety relays for simple plant and machinery with up to 4 safety functions. PNOZmulti: The safety circuit is created using a simple con? Applicable from 4 safety functions. The focus is always on the protection of man and machine, in compliance with the standards and regulations.

Drive technology provides overall solutions for automating your machinery. From controller operation through to movement of highly dynamic drives, including all safety aspects. Operator and visualisation systems provide diagnostic and visualisation devices, plus control and signal devices as part of the Pilz solution.

The focus is always on fast, simple con? Machine downtimes are clearly reduced thanks to the overall diagnostic concept PVIS. Software includes system software, user software and software tools.

Services in the? From risk assessment through to ESPE inspection. Pilz also offers a comprehensive range of training courses and seminars, covering generic issues relating to machinery safety as well as Pilz products. KG, Felix-Wankel-Stra? December the PNOZclassicrange will be discontinued for reasons of availability of spare parts and the technical progress. PNOZsigma provides maximum functionality in minimum width.

Online information on PNOZsigma is available from www. It is necessary to check and ensure that the listed replacement types suit the application, and that they can be used. We are happy to advise you on an alternative solution for your application: Technical Support Tel. Sichere Automation Modecenterstra? KG Felix-Wankel-Stra?

Plaza No K:2 D:2 Ata? Safe Automation ul. Please refer to our homepage for further details or contact our headquarters. Text and graphics in this lea? No responsibility accepted for errors or omissions.

Safe Automation Rm.

PT2272-L4 PDF


Copies may be made for internal purposes. Suggestions and comments for improving this documentation will be gratefully received. KG in some countries. The contact expansion module is used to increase the number of instantaneous safety contacts available on a base unit. Base units are all safety relays with feedback loop monitoring. The category that can be achieved in accordance with EN ISO depends on the category of the base unit.


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